Update from Kharkiv #10

Friday March 4, 2022

My children are in Uzhhorod. I put my wife on a Vynnitsya train today. I am staying home with elderly parents. I am not scared although it's a nightmare around here.

I asked my contacts in Kharkiv about their most urgent needs in the context of our potential FR. VK will look into it. He says humanitarian aid: essentials, warm clothes, medications.


O and SF are in western Ukraine now. O parents moved to Poltava. They are helping those who stayed behind in Kharkiv with essentials. Hard to leave the city because of the fuel shortages.

Another contact says that they provide milk and bread for Merefa and surrounding villages.

Both use their personal bank cards for making these transactions.

My friends are writing about general chaos and confusion. Residents are advised to shelter in place. It is snowing. Periodic shellings.

Volunteers give out humanitarian aid here and there, mostly in the underground stations. One individual can get, say, a bottle of sunflower oil and a carton of eggs. Bread and dairy products are available but there are delivery issues in neighborhoods.There are lines in drugstores.


We managed to leave Kharkiv-Valeriy, P and grandchildren are still in Kharkiv, helping people in Kharkiv. We are praying that they can leave the city and they will find petrol(it is the toughest problem) They have smashed the city, people are dying in their houses.

We can watch Russian news here. They lie every moment, they tell their people that they destroy military objects and kill nationalists. They say that they don’t hurt common people. My relatives from Moscow wrote to me that they are forbidden to transfer any news from Ukraine (15 years imprisonment)

All trains from Kharkiv are packed, many people choose Lviv as then there will be a chance to leave Ukraine.

Bob, thanks a lot for so many years of our great friendship, light and happiness. I hope that our Ukrainian nation will survive, as they want to destroy us. People of Kharkiv are ready to stand for Kharkiv and Ukraine till the every end. Long live Ukraine Pray for our beautiful country and our people