Runners from Kharkiv Compete in the Flying Pig

Flying Pig Marathon – 2018

Four athletes, officers from Kharkiv City Hall applied to participate in Flying Pig 18. The visit to Cincinnati included more than running the race.

In addition to running in the Pig the delegates from Kharkiv will take the opportunity to meet with local city departments and companies. They will spend an afternoon with Raj Chundur, Shaoli Huang, Josh Murphy, and Kurt Lintelman, the staff of the CAGIS (Cincinnati Area Geographic Information System). CAGIS provides local government within Hamilton County with a wealth of information on infrastructure and helps them to respond to citizens’ concerns. Our thanks to City Council Member Amy Murray and Cincinnati employee Jamie Accurso setting up this meeting.

Representatives from Norton Outdoor Advertising and Lamar Advertising will share information on local and state regulations as well as best practices relative to ad on billboards.

A look at energy conservation and redevelopment of the urban core will be provided by representatives from Duke Energy and 3CDC in a tour of OTR.