and Advanced Waves

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Content Overview


Color Addition Lab - What could we end up with by shining different lights together? How is this different from mixing paints?

Hidden in Plain Sight Demo - Shining a remote control at students and then looking at it through a phone camera lens to see an invisible light

Laser through a Slit & Hair Demo - Watch carefully as we prove that light doesn't act as just a bunch of particles

Diffraction Glasses Demo - Like rainbows? Mr. Ho has you covered!

Polarization Demo - See light in a new way as it filters through sunglasses, a projector, a computer screen, and corn syrup

Hidden in Plastic Demo - See you can spot the hidden person with a diffraction grating holographic message for you


Frequency, Color, and the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Amplitude and Brightness

Doppler Effect, Blue Shift, and Red Shift

Refraction & Mirages


Total Internal Reflection & Fiber Optics




Additional Support

Crash Course - Light Khan Academy - Light Physics Classroom - Light

*These videos are to be used as a supplement and are not a replacement for in-class experiences