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Content Overview


Seeing Magnetic Fields Lab - Take a look at the magnetic fields you've put together using magnets and iron filings. Then move the magnets around to see how it all changes!

Electromagnetic Induction Demo - What's going to happen when a magnet passes over some wire?

Faraday's Law PhET Simulation - What's the best way to make the most electricity, and what type of current is it going to be?

Magnet in Copper Tube Demo - Showing how Eddy currents directly affect the rate of motion

Build a Speaker Project - Given magnet wire and some magnets, what kind of speaker are you going to build?

Thunder Ball Demo - Plasma ball interactions


Electromagnetism and Ferromagnetism

Magnetic Field & Field Lines

Electromagnetic Induction

Eddy Currents

Plasma (State of Matter)

Students are Expected to Understand

Interactions between Magnets and Their Fields

How to Construct and Use Electromagnets along with Further Applications

Some Notes on Electromagnets

  • The polarity of magnets are known as North and South
  • Opposing polarities attract. Like repels
  • Ferromagnetsm is caused by a nearby magnetic field. They have domains which must be lined up increase magnetic field strength
  • An electromagnet's strength is determined by how much current is flowing through and how much wire it is exposed to. That's why we often loop wires!
  • Electromagnetic induction is a way of saying that when a magnetic field changes, electricity is made. The strength of the current depends on how big a change there is in the magnetic field. You can change the field strength or direction
  • Eddy currents are caused by moving a magnet near a conductor. Moving the magnet changes the magnetic field, and the conductor now has a current that creates an opposing magnetic field slowing the magnet
  • Plasma, a higher-energy state of matter, has properties that make it electrically conductive and magnetic

Additional Support

Crash Course - Magnetism Khan Academy - Magnetism Exploratorium - Electricity & Magnetism

*The videos above are to be used as a supplement and are not a replacement for in-class experiences