Thank you for stopping by my website to learn a little bit more about me and why I am looking forward to getting back into teaching!

CJ Gilbert Resume.pdf

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

I love the challenge of organizing complicated events.

I thoroughly enjoy performing.

I have always oriented my life around helping others.

Plenty of jobs provide opportunities to help others, but as a teacher, every day, I have to organize a series of complicated events – each class having its own needs, different constraints, variation upon variation. It is never boring. Not only that, but I get to perform every day. Sometimes that performance is like a conductor, gently encouraging these students to raise their voices, guiding these students to bring theirs down into harmony with the class, encouraging different students to shine. Other times, I can use my flair for the dramatic to create memorable lessons. Teaching is exhilarating and exhausting and fulfilling in a way that very few jobs are -- and I am very excited to get back into the classroom!

What do you like to do for fun?

My top two favorite things to do are read and create.

I am a voracious reader and I am constantly consuming books, magazines, and online material. I tend to alternate between different types of reading -- from fiction to non-fiction, from books about mathematics education to young adult novels for fun, from magazines about science and technology to poetry and personal blogs.

When I'm not reading, I love to create with words and images. Much of my volunteering revolves around creating flyers, advertisements, etc. as well as editing various publications. I also enjoy editing videos but rarely do I have enough free time to devote to it!

Much of my spare time is spent with my family, especially my two daughters. In addition to a shared love of reading, we also enjoy playing video games, building with LEGOS, investigating scientific concepts*, solving puzzles, watching films, and discussing all things geeky.

* We do many small scientific investigations around the house, but our 'biggest' investigation so far has been when we launched a weather balloon with a camera into the stratosphere in 2013. The picture on my homepage is one of the photos from that project, and here is a video we made about the adventure we had trying to recover the capsule after it landed: