Thank you for visiting my website! While my resume provides an introduction to who I am as an educator, this website allows you explore in greater detail examples of how I've taught in the past and how I intend to move forward with my teaching in the future.

Feel free to peruse examples of lessons and activities that I have designed in the past for mathematics and English classes. I've also provided links to some of my past work in the professional community and some of my volunteer activities.

What kind of teacher am I?

I am known for...

  • Creating an equitable classroom culture where every student is a valued contributor.
  • Grounding the content in the real world – why are we learning this and how will we use it?
  • Tenaciously pursuing students who are struggling – no one is allowed to just give up.
  • Setting high expectations for all students – we only discover what we are capable of achieving when we are challenged to go beyond what we have done before.
  • Effectively using technology to foster communication and learning both inside and outside the classroom.