Halifax Showcase

There are two presentations on this page. Firstly, a slide presentation on HCT's work in 2020 and on Wakefield Gate (sometimes erroneously referred to as Magna Via) by David Glover, our Vice Chairman. This is followed by a series of seven short video clips, introduced by our previous Chairman Dr John Hargreaves and produced by Committee members and others, which gives a fuller picture both of Halifax's gems, and of the range of our work. The series was first presented at the 26 September 2020 online meeting of the Yorkshire and Humber Association of Civic Societies (YHACS).

D Glover Wakefield Gate 9 Dec.pptx

The meeting of Yorkshire and Humber Association of Civic Societies (YHACS) on 26 September 2020 was to have been held in Halifax, but in the event it was held online thanks to the COVID problems. To set the scene, members of Halifax Civic Trust (and Sarah James of Civic Voice) made the seven video clips below, which cover some of our rich heritage and history, and the work of HCT. No. 6 is about the Calderdale Industrial Museum.

The first clip is the introduction from our Chairman, Dr John Hargreaves.

Our Vice Chairman, David Glover talks about Halifax Minster, Wakefield Gate and some of the links to Ann Lister, who was the subject of the recent BBC series "Gentleman Jack".

Sarah James is the Membership Development Officer of Civic Voice, the national organisation for civic societies. After its major upgrade, the Piece Hall (Grade 1) was nominated by HCT for the Civic Voice Design Award in 2018, and won the judges' special prize. It was only the second time that the special prize has been awarded.

Anne Kirker talks about three interesting buildings in the town centre. They all have a lot of history - the Moot Hall (now demolished), the building currently occupied by Wilby Insurance Brokers, and the Ring o' Bells.

The Moot Hall before its demolition in 1956. The outline of its walls can still be seen in the car park north of the Minster's tower.

Advertisement from the Automatic Standard Screw Co. Ltd., whose building is now occupied by Wilby Insurance Brokers.

The Ring O' Bells. The buildings to the left of the pub shown in the drawing on the left have been demolished and now form the site for the pub's car park.

David Hanson takes us on a virtual walk round the principal buildings in the town centre - the Piece Hall, Square Chapel, the new Central Library, the Town Hall, the covered market, Somerset House, the Halifax Building Society HQ (now HBoS) and the Minster.

Stuart Crowther in discussion with Alan Goodrum, followed by a tour of the Calderdale Industrial Museum accompanied by the Landlubbers.

Sue Morgan is the Chair of HCT's Heritage at Risk Sub-Committee and talks about how the Sub-Committee has approached its task.