Civic Engagement Beyond Voting is a small group of women committed to progressive change in Arizona. Our members seek to promote, assist, advise, and collaborate with other groups with the intention of amplifying their voices and strengthening their impact and effectiveness. We focus on Arizona issues and legislative action, seeking to provide useful, actionable and accurate information that leads to direct action and positive change. CEBV also educates Arizona constituents on how best to effect change in the Arizona legislature using the Request to Speak System (RTS). We register accounts for RTS, educate, support and provide weekly call-to-action updates. To date, we have registered over 1,200 people for RTS!

The Request to Speak system (RTS) is a way for you to weigh in on bills from the comfort of your own home. It's as easy as giving a thumbs up or a thumbs down! The NRA/Tea Party/lobbyists have been using this system...time for all of us! If you want to get signed up for RTS, send your name (as written on your voter registration) and email address to, and a volunteer will enter your name into the kiosk for you. You will get an email confirmation of your account and instructions on how to use it.

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Roughly 1,500 bills are introduced in each legislative session. Melinda Merkel Iyer compiles the Weekly AZ Legislative Update, an easy-to-follow overview of the more notable bills that are active in the Legislature for each week. She describes each bill in everyday language and explains where it stands in the lawmaking process that week. Though she does recommend a stance for each bill, she also cites multiple sources and links to news articles so that concerned citizens can make up their own minds. Access the update through our weekly call-to-action email: Sign up here