Mapping Bostons Opportunities

Maps clearly show the potential of Civic Hydrants to help create public space. This interactive map looks at the overlaps of Bostons Parks, Splash Fields and Hydrants. We can clearly see how hydrants have an inverse relationship to parks and a direct correlation to population density. This makes them a perfect candidate for public engagement at the street scale. Explore your neighborhood and look for candidates to become Civic Hydrants!

Typologies of Water Infrastructure

The typologies project seeks to categorize and document a wide range of water infrastructure elements in an easily searchable way to encourage creative thinking around the urban and civic possibility of hybrid or modified water infrastructure systems. Ideally, the toolkit will give designers the parts they need to start their own experiments.

Water Treatment Case Studies

As part of a deep facilities study, this project compared and documented several different types and scales of water treatment facilities. The collection is built for easy side-by-side critical analysis of several different treatment facilities and there spatial efficiencies or failings. The catalogue is one step towards the democratization of data about these public facilities, which are not generally public friendly institutions by nature.

Patent History Analysis

A careful study of the history of American fire hydrant patents gives critical insight into the social and technological vulnerabilities and opportunities of fire hydrants.

Coming soon!


Designers and policy makers responded with enthusiasm to the work. See the links below for publications where the project has been featured.