Lab 7

CSV Parsing and StringBuilding

In this lab, you're going to use your newfound skills in File Reading, Writing, and String Parsing to create persistent storage of your application. By the time this lab is complete, you should be familiar with the process of importing a CSV file into your application, filling data objects in your application from a CSV file, and saving your data to a CSV file.


You're going to create a menu-driven GradeBook application that allows you to enter student test scores from the command line using Scanner. You can also read student grades in from a CSV file and export them to a file. Your menu should look like the following:

Welcome to the GradeBook. Please choose from the following options:
1. Enter a test grade
2. Import gradebook from CSV file
3. Export gradebook from CSV file
Enter your option: 

Bonus: Work with a neighbor to create a CSV format for your gradebooks. Swap gradebook files and see if you can import their gradebook into your application.