Coaches: We are expecting 1-2 Coaches from each of the following sectors: Circular Economy/Recycling; Planning; Health; Regenerative Agriculture. In addition, we are looking for entrepreneurship coaches such as angel investors, startup-attorneys, and successful entrepreneurs. Click here for more information on what might be expected.

During the event, the following spreadsheet will be used to help co-ordinate the coaches and teams.

Natalie Betts

Director Economic Development

Austin Resource Recovery

Jordan Fengel

Former Executive Director

STAR - Texas Recycling Association

Cory Skuldt

Consultant to numerous Fashion Industry corporations

Patrick Van Haren

Regenerative Agriculture & Bio Systems

Anand Raghunathan

Advanced Materials & Applications Engineer

Shahram Shafie

Chemicals & Process Engineering

Melanie McAfee

Owner / Operator Barr Mansion

Madelyn Morgan

Planner III at City of Austin

Lydia Oxley

Imperfect Produce