A critical key to resiliency and sustainability of communities is the access nutritious and affordable food at all times, and most especially during times of crisis. Fresh, healthy and affordable fresh food is an ideal area of the Circular Economy. Access to healthy affordable nutrition is parallel to the processing of ugly vegetables and other 'off-spec'. If we can bring food production and the recycling of food wastes closer into the communities, we can dramatically improve the availability.

Healthy Food Access

The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation provides research and resources for communities that are working to increase access to healthy food for everyone.

When we think about what it takes to live healthy, having easy access to nutritious food is critical". RWJF

Austin Office of Sustainability

The City of Austin has created a working group of City Staff and Community organizations to develop recommendations for improving access to fresh, healthy, and affordable food. Click here for the Office of Sustainability's portal on improving food access.

Central Texas Food Bank

Food insecurity in Central Texas is a growing issue. The various central Texas counties have food insecurity rates between 14 and 21% The US average is 15.4% and the Central Texas average is 17.3%. For more information, please click here.

Regenerative Agriculture

Permaculture / Stewardship / Holistic Frameworks? It all has to do with aligning our food production with regenerating the ecosystems. Agrihoods are a fast growing segment that enables farmers to be stewards of the land for a community and produce their food in exchange for cash and potentially the harvest rights to the broader land.