Things to do

There is more to Nevada than the Las Vegas Strip!

For those attending we wanted to provide some ideas on things to do on and around the strip.

  • Freemont
  • Container park shopping area
  • italian american club
  • Dining in the Dark (off the strip)




  • The atomic museum
  • Erotic history museum
  • The Mob Museum
  • Neon museum aka Las Vegas sign museum / Neon boneyard - (get tickets way in advance for dusk or after sundown)

Interactive Activities

  • circus circus amusement park
  • Stratosphere rides
  • California Superbike school
  • the range (machine guns) - like battlefield vegas
  • Ziplines
  • Pinball hall of fame (you can play)
  • paragliding
  • ATV riding
  • racetracks (you can drive at)
  • smash/break rooms

Things to see


Boulder City

  • Boulder City is a neat town to explore, we enjoyed lunch, a brewery, and poking our heads into various shops.
  • Mountain biking at bootleg canyon in boulder city
  • Tom's Monster Museum in Boulder