Saturday, July 31, 2021

4pm-5pm - Hotel Check-In and Wedding Party Registration

5pm - 6pm - Wedding ceremony performed by The Church of Wifi*

6pm - 7pm - Light Dinner

6pm - 10pm - Party!


1700-1800 -


1800-1900 -

Light Dinner & Bar

1900-2200 -

Games and Snacks


1700-1800 -

Wedding Ceremony

1800-2200 - Unconference area


1700-1800 -


1800-2000 -

Family Dinner

2000-2200 -



1700-1800 -


1800-2200 -

DJ & Dance Floor

Photo Booth*

Wedding Ceremony

This will not be your normal wedding ceremony, it's going to be a weird, wild, and nerdy event occurring during "Hacker Summer Camp*." There will be no formality - dress up as fancy or informal as you like.

Please bring lightsabers if you have them!

*The Church of Wifi is a faux religion, intended to be silly, formed of people who tend to talk wifi and technology too much. Please note this is intended to be a fun and silly celebration, as we are already be legally married. Don't take it too seriously because we certainly are not.

Church of Wifi tends to involve drinking, eating nachos, and paddling people. We don't know what our officiant Evil_Mog has planned, it will likely be embarrassing but well intentioned.

*Hacker Summer Camp is one week of the year when many information security / hacker conferences occur in Las Vegas. This has been an important part of both of our lives for many years, including where we first met, and where our relationship started, so it seemed only fitting to celebrate our marriage here.

Light Dinner

We hope that you will join us for an informal light dinner following the ceremony.

There will be no assigned seating, everyone will be able to choose from a selection of foods and then find or make friends to enjoy it with.

In general there will be self-service meats, veggies, and some other items to nosh.

We will post the menu much closer to the event once we finalize it.

We plan to have a cash bar, which will also have a featured mocktail.


Dance Party

*Photo Booth InformationPhotos are stored locally and then uploaded into Dropbox. CircuitSwan and Renderman will receive this link to all photos once uploaded.Attendees will receive photos in a 2″ x 6″ strips.The DJ company retains the rights to the photos. They typically use these photos from time to time for our website and social sites for potential clients to view. If you wear your "No Photo" lanyard they will not use those images, so please make sure to have it visible!

Games and Snacks

    • Snacks through the evening - stop on by to get some snacks and desserts
    • Board games (thanks to The Diana Initiative)
    • Dice Role-Playing-Games like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder - If you are interested in being a Dungeon Master (DM) please let me know.
    • To be confirmed-Every Day Carry Challenge


    • Unconference area (where the ceremony was) - This is a place to share your thoughts, ideas, projects, rants and (if you must) toasts.

What else?

    • want a nerf battle? hacker jeopardy? lockpicking? let us know!