Circle. Codename One Chat Library.

Circle is an IRC based chat library for Codename One, it can be integrated into your app within minutes and works on the web too (click here to check it out). You can easily embed a high quality chat system into your website or Codename One app using the Circle library. Circle integration takes two minutes and then your app will have full chat functionality, with channel operators, messaging, nick registration etc. You can even code your own bots, for customer service or entertainment.

The system comprises of our backend IRC servers and our front end IRC client library. Your app essentially becomes an IRC client which speaks to our IRC servers, each license comes with a number of chat rooms (channels) that belong to you. If you wish to run your own server entirely, that can also be arranged. Non Codename One libraries are currently being introduced for iOS and Android. Easily add chat to your app with Circle. This project is in early beta but feel free to contact me at to discuss how it may fit your needs.