Fund Donors

Sincere thanks to the following families & individuals for their contributions to The Cindy Pertile Scholarship Fund

Jamie & Steve Ambroziak

Pat & Tom Andino

The Richard Barnes Family

The Linda Bartolomeo Family

The Bill Bauer Family

Ann Bogusky

Cathy & Jim Bogusky

Jeffrey Boller

Lorrin & Robert Bowser

Louise Carroll

Lisa Carsele

Bryan & Gretchen Clark

Lynn & Beverly Cole

Lori L. Cole

Elaine & Jerry Cortez

Traci, Joey, & Cami Cortez

Rick DeLoia

Myrna & Butch DiCerbo

Dr. Walter Dickson

Shirley Dominelli

Carol & Rege Etzel

Casey, Janet & Ray Falotico

Thelma Figurel

Sandy & George Garlick

Ashley Richards Graziani

Cindy & Pete Greco

Felecia Greco

Lisa Greco

Christopher Hines

Cara & Beth Huth

Angela Pieri Katkin

Alena Kucan

Debbie & Pete Kucan

Tammy Kuriger

Joseph Mancini

The Chris McCowin Family

Debbie & Kevin McElwain

Ginny & William Mills

The Nick Nardone Family

Mike Nocera

Rhonda Norman

Virginia & John Ottaviani

Donna Pertile

Kathy Pletz

Sandy Riegel

Tricia & Joe Ross

Florence & Joseph Santillo

Graceann & Melissa Snyder

Della & Tim Stabryla

Dorothy Sudano

Justice Debra Todd

Beth & Sharon Tucci

Mary & George Tucci

Maria & Eric Vaught

The Lee Wladika Family

Tanner Gilchrist, Carli & Sami Young

This list of Donors will be updated continually.

Thank you to anyone who may have been inadvertently omitted from this list.