HyperKähler manifolds and related geometries

Hotel San Michele, Cetraro

August 29 -- September 2, 2022


Olivier Debarre, Université Paris

Christian Lehn, Chemnitz Technische Universität

Emanuele Macrì, Université Paris-Saclay

Kieran G. O’Grady, La Sapienza Università Roma

The school will present a rich overview of some of the most important recent developments in the area of hyperKähler manifolds.

It will bring together world leading experts in the field, also well-known for the quality of their exposition.

Ph.D. students and young researchers will certainly take advantage from the 5 lectures series offering complementary viewpoints on the same objects: HyperKähler manifolds and related geometries.

Scientific Directors:

G. Mongardi, Bologna Univ., Italy

K. G. O’Grady, Sapienza Univ. Roma, Italy

G. Pacienza, Univ. Lorraine, France

Contact: cetrarohk2022@gmail.com

Sponsors: CIME, GNSAGA, Prin 2017 "Moduli and Lie theory", Prin 2020 "Curves, Ricci Flat varieties and their interactions", Dip. Univ. Bologna, LYSM.