International Workshop on

Connected & Intelligent Mobility (CIM 2017)

CIM 2017

Vehicle crashes on the roads and highways cost loss of lives and damages to properties. Connected vehicles have been identified as a key technology for increasing road safety and transport efficiency. In recent years, vehicle infrastructure integration technology attracts a great amount of attentions, and it can also bring inestimable economic value, and will play an important role in the next generation of intelligent transportation systems and communication network development.

The purpose of the International Workshop on Connected & Intelligent Mobility is to discuss the recent advances in the connected vehicles and bring together engineers, researchers and practitioners interested in the advances and applications in the field of Vehicle Technology, Intelligent Transport Systems, Wireless Sensor Communications, and IoT.

CIM 2017 will be held in conjunction with the 8th International Conference on Ambient Systems, Networks and Technologies (EUSPN 2017) which is co-organized in Lund, Sweden (18-20 Sep 2017).

Scope of the workshop:

Areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicular Wireless Medium Access Control
  • Routings & Protocols for Connected Vehicles.
  • V2V, V2I and I2V Road Safety applications
  • Weather related Safety solutions
  • Driver behavior countermeasures in connected vehicles
  • Data Trustworthiness in Connected Vehicles
  • Security & Privacy Issues in Vehicle Communication Environment
  • Safety & non-safety applications of Connected Vehicles
  • Automotive Electronics and Automatic Control in Vehicular Networks
  • Traffic & Transportation Systems in Vehicular Networks
  • Telematics and Mobile Internet
  • Vehicular Cloud Computing
  • Mobility and the Internet of Vehicles
  • IoT in connected Vehicles
  • Big Data and Vehicle Analytics
  • Data mining and Data analytic in next Generation of Vehicle Telematics Products
  • Data worthiness in connected vehicles
  • Sustainable transport
  • Driver Behavior Analysis
  • Vision and Image Processing
  • Vehicle Environment Perception
  • Cognitive and Context-aware Intelligence

Technical Program Committee (TPC) members: (Tentative)

  • Faouzi Kamoun, ESPRIT Engineering School, Tunisia
  • Zouheir Trabelsi, UAE University, UAE
  • Fatma Outay, Zayed University, UAE
  • Hakim Hacid, Zayed University, UAE
  • Samia bouchafa, University d’Evry-Val-d’Essone, France
  • Véronique Vèque, Université Paris Sud 11, France
  • Ansar Yasar, Hasselt University, Belgium
  • Nafaa Jabeur, German University of Technology, Oman
  • Haroon Malik, Marshall University, USA
  • Atta Baddi, University of Reading, UK
  • Davy Preuveneers, KU Leuven, Belgium
  • Stephane Galland, UTBM, France

This workshop is supported by: