User Group Analytics

Slides of the tutorial

Half-day CIKM 2018 tutorial

Friday, 26 October 2018 09:00AM-10:30AM at Varsavia room

Tutorialists: Behrooz Omidvar-Tehrani, Sihem Amer-Yahia


Tutorial outline

Section 1. State of the Art in User Group Analytics (UGA)

Topic 1. Introduction to User Group Analytics (UGA): Motivations, Definitions, and Challenges

  • What is User Group Analytics (UGA)?
  • What is user data and user groups?
  • Real use cases in various application domains such as advertisement, program committee formation and quantified-self
  • Overview of UGA challenges

Topic 2. UGA Components: Discovery, Exploration, and Visualization

  • User group discovery: defining the group discovery process, and categorizing related work into attribute-based and action-based discovery
  • User group exploration: defining the group exploration process, and categorizing related work into by-query, by-facet, by-example, and by-analytics exploration
  • User group visualization: defining the building blocks of group visualization and mapping functions, and categorizing related work into graph-based and map-based visualization

Topic 3. UGA Evaluation: Challenges and Measures

  • Challenges and measures for evaluating each UGA component

Section 2. New Challenges in Combining Components of User Group Analytics

Topic 1. Combining Discovery and Visualization

  • Challenges of combining discovery and visualization
  • Discussion of approaches for combining discovery and visualization in the following categories: distribution-based, facet-based, relation-based, and time-based
  • Discussion of visualization approaches for representing discovered groups, such as self-organizing maps, belt charts, and regression heatmaps

Topic 2. Combining Discovery and Exploration

  • Challenges of combining discovery and exploration
  • Discussion of approaches for combining discovery and exploration
  • Discussion of different approaches of explicit and implicit feedback capture to enable exploratory discovery

Topic 3. Combining Exploration and Visualization

  • Challenges of combining exploration and visualization
  • Discussion of approaches for combining exploration and visualization (aka, Visual Analytics)

Topic 4. All-in-One UGA: Challenges and Research Directions

  • Benefits of building an all-in-one system where all UGA components are integrated
  • Challenges of integrating UGA components
  • Discussion of recently established literature of all-in-one UGA
  • Discussion of future directions towards a full-fledged integration

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