We are delighted to welcome you all to the FEIAP 32nd GA Meeting, 7th Convention and 1st Youth Talent Innovation Competition in Taipei. This is a great opportunity for us to come together and share our knowledge and experiences on Engineering Resilience and Education for a Net-Zero Future.

We know that many of you have traveled a long way to be here, and we want to thank you for your time and effort. We are confident that this convention will be a success, and we look forward to a productive and enjoyable few days.

Welcome to Taipei!


2024-5-21 Upload May 1 Albums

2024-5-15 Upload Keynote Speaker's PPT and Some Event Albums

2024-4-17 FEIAP Engineer of the Year 2024: Ir. Dr. Tan Yean Chin - IEM, Adjunct Prof. SU Quanke - CAST and Prof. Dr. Raghupatruni Bhima Rao - IEI

2024-3-15 Program for Delegation's Family

2024-2-27 YTIC Finalists List Heats Up!!

2024-1-30 Open Registration to all Economy start on February 19, 2024

2023-12-25  Early Bird for Young Engineer start on January 15,2024

2023-10-31  YTIC Successful Registration List

2023-09-05  Call for Papers

2023-09-01  Youth Talent Innovation Competition

Registration Fee

US$600 for all participants

US$300 for Young Engineers (under the age of 40)

US$100 for full time students

The special rate of US$400 for the following types of VIPs including:

FEIAP Albums


Meet for Green

Taipei City

Keynote Speakers

TAN Seng-Chuan

President-Elect, WFEO

Eugene CHIEN

Chairman, TNZEA

John T. YU

Chairman, CTCI Group


The Illume Hotel

Dun-Hua North Road, No. 100, Taipei City

Contact us

Shan Lee, Chinese Institute of Engineers(CIE)

Email: shane@cie.org.tw

Timur Bitokov, Section Chief of Chinese Taipei APEC Engineer/IPEA Monitoring Committee, CIE

Email: bitokov@ceci.com.tw

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