The trembling will pass and dissipate doubts in the other's guts, mark the unfathomable fate of the fragments, immanent chaotic relationship that interweaves the image, your image... that is detached from the threads and anticipates their consciousness.

CIE-10 CapV(F00-F09) Is a multidisciplinary project where through the movement and the interpretive freedom the body unfolds in the contractual relationship with the optical device, producing images that promote reflection from the action and the intention of the interpreter, the algorithmic construction responds to the visible spectrum deconstructing the Depth image reinterpreted by the system.

This project is composed of different elements, one of them is the visual record and the sound composition, it is an experimental project that aims the approach of the interpreter to a sense of introspection under the premise of dementia cataloged as F00-F09.


NullPixel Research and Production Lab

Interpreter: Meybelin Murillo Aldana

Visuals: Israel López / Fátima Ramírez

Record: Emilio Cortes / Israel López

Sound: Israel López


Dossier CIE-10 CapV(F00-F09)