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2019 Asian American Luminary Awards Nomination Program

Asian American Luminary Awards (AALA) Selection Committee will select the award recipients from fields like Aerospace, Biomedicine / Global Health, Intelligent Technology, Telecommunication, Finance and Community Engagement (“Award Fields”) based on the following criteria and weighting factors:

A. General Qualification:

    1. Nominee must be of Asian American heritage.
    2. Nominee must be a US citizen or legal permanent resident contributed to the betterment of pacific northwest.
    3. Nominee must be an engineer, scientist, educator, or corporate or government leader who has made exemplary contributions or support to the professions in the Award Fields.
    4. Once selected, a nominee must be present at the award banquet to receive the award.

B. Basic Selection Criteria:

Please provide the following information for application.

Professional Achievement and Impact (up to 40%):

    1. The current or last professional employment including position, the name and location of the company or institution. Responsibilities: e.g. staff supervisions, handling of annual budget. Accountability: e.g. Job functions and challenges.
    2. All prior major employment with names and locations, and the candidate’s position and principal responsibilities in each prior major employment.
    3. If applicable, provide up to 8 prominent STEM related projects that the candidate was principally responsible for, and statements of candidate’s role and the significance of each of these projects.
    4. Services to professional societies and committees including offices held and committee assignments with dates at professional societies and communities, such as AIChE, ASCE, ASME, IEEE, SPE, and CIE,ABET, etc.
    5. List publications, keynote speeches, patents and honor awards in reverse chronological order of dates. Include statements of global impact and exemplary significance of the candidate’s professional accomplishments.

Service Descriptions - Community Involvements (up to 30%):

Include candidate’s services to the community and impact to individuals, community and humanity. List committees joined with dates. Attach statements of significance for all major services rendered to the community. Testimonial from community service beneficiaries is a big plus.

Additional Information Unique About this Candidate (up to 30%):

Include additional information unique to this candidate that was not covered in professional achievement nor community services areas and information relevant to the specific award category that the nominee is applying for.

C. Specific Award Category Criteria

2019 AALA has four award categories. The award criteria are defined in the following:

1. Asian American Corporate Leadership Award

This award recognizes individual who has outstanding leadership in developing products or services in the Award Fields. The leadership will be judged on the following criteria:

a. 10+ years of professional experience.

b. Created, developed and released new products or services.

c. Companies, products and technologies created by these winners, laid the foundation for the evolution to the next generation of products or services.

d. The commitment to industry collaboration set the model for accelerating the development and deployment of products or services through and with industry consortia activities.

e. Collaborate with other companies and/or individuals in achieving great success of new engineering, technology products or services.

f. Mentoring others and engaging in human potential development.

g. A leadership role model/example of excellence to others.

2. Asian American Entrepreneurial Achievement Award

This individual must own at least 10 percent or more of a thriving business with strong financial growth in the Award Fields. Entrepreneurs will be judged on the following criteria:

a. Insightfulness on growth sectors.

b. Innovativeness to design or re-design of high-quality products,

c. Leadership, managerial skills & earning responsibilities.

d. Impact benefits on the general community.

e. A role model/example of excellence to other entrepreneurs.

3. Asian American Science and Engineering Innovation Award

The individual must be a well-established engineer or scientist having significant contributions in his/her technical field through innovation. Innovation achievement will be judged on the following criteria:

a. Made significant and measurable contributions to his/her field.

b. Demonstrate consistent dedication and commitment to the growth and advancement of field of science and engineering through innovation.

c. Recognized as subject matter expert in his/her field and/or industry.

d. Demonstrate active leadership role within his/her organization

e. A technical role model for his/her organization.

4. Asian American Services Award

The individual must have consistently demonstrated qualities of leadership and community engagement/services, creating connections between people and organizations in order to enhance STEM related career paths in the community. Services achievement will be judged on the following criteria:

a. Exemplify inspirational community engagement/services and leadership through teaching, coaching, organizing, and serving.

b. His/her services/actions have made a lasting or meaningful contribution to STEM career paths for the community.

c. His/her service or actions are above and beyond the call of duty.

d. Mentoring others and engaging in human potential development.

e. A service role model/example of excellence to others.

2019 The 17th CIE/USA- Seattle APA Youth Scholarship Application

1. Objective

To promote career interests of Asian Pacific American (APA) youth in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as well as to encourage their continued contributions to our community and society, CIE/USA-Seattle chapter organizes scholarship opportunity annually.

2. Scholarship Award Categories

a. CIE Scholarship Award

i. 7th graders to 9th graders $300 per award

ii. 10th graders to 12th graders $600 per award

iii. Undergraduate College Students $800 per award

b. CIE Special Award:

i. Academic Excellence Award $100 per award

ii. Community Service Award $100 per award

iii. Extracurricular Excellence Award $100 per award

The grade is determined by the incoming quarter/semester as in fall 2019.

3. Applications and Award Schedule

a. Application Deadline: Jun 23, 2019

b. Awards Announcement: Jul 31, 2019

c. Awards Ceremony: Sep 15, 2019 (CIE/USA-Seattle Annual Gala Award)

4. Award Eligibility

Applicants must meet the following three qualification criteria:

a. Must be enrolled in accredited public or private schools as a full-time student in the Washington State as of May 31st 2019 and continuously study in Washington as full-time schedule in the fall semester 2020.

b. Must come from a family with ethnic Asian Pacific background.

c. Must not be a previous awardee in the same award category

5. Award Selection Criteria

Applicants are graded based on:

a. Academic achievement 30%

b. Volunteer and community services 25%

c. Extracurricular activities or accomplishments 25%

d. Essay 20%

A panel of independent judges will be appointed by the CIE/USA-Seattle. The panel will score the applicants based on the criteria listed above. Scores will be tallied to determine the final scholarship award winners.

6. Application Package and Submittal

Please visit An application package consists of the following:

a. Application form online (including essay).

b. Copy of current and previous year transcripts in .jpg or .pdf formats uploaded thru online application process. CIE/USA-Seattle reserves the right to request a hard copy of transcripts in a sealed envelope provided by the applicant’s school.

c. One recommendation letter sent directly by recommender to CIE/USA-Seattle via email ( Please use the recommendation letter template as provided here.

d. Optional for other applicable national or Washington State test score sheets (such as ITBS, WASL, PSAT, SAT, ACT…)

Other than the recommendation letter emailed directly to CIE/USA-Seattle, all application material must be compiled online during the open application period. CIE/USA-Seattle reserves the right to validate the submitted content. Online submission and recommendation letter are due June 23, 2019 (5pm PDT). Application materials received after the deadline will be discarded without notification.

7. Award Notifications and Award Ceremony

Award winners will be notified by July 31st, 2019 via e-mail and will be invited to the CIE/USA-Seattle Award Gala Event to be held in September of 2019. The APA Scholarship Award Committee will coordinate with award winners and their families on the detailed award process after award notification.

8. Benefits in Addition to the Scholarship Award

a. One-year complimentary CIE/USA-Seattle student membership

b. Volunteer opportunities to support CIE/USA- Seattle professional and community events

c. Opportunities to participate joint-events organized by CIE/USA-Seattle and partners

Diane Li, Stephen Lee

Scholarship Committee, CIE/USA – Seattle

Q&A Email:



一. 项目目标


二. 奖学金类别

a. CIE 奖学金

i. 初中组 7~9年级 $300 per award

ii. 高中组10~12年级 $600 per award

iii. 大学本科组 $800 per award

b. CIE 专项奖学金

i. 学术突出奖 $100 per award

ii. 社会服务优秀奖 $100 per award

iii. 课外活动优胜奖 $100 per award


三. 提名和颁奖的程序及时间表

(一) 2019年6月23日 截止申请

(二) 2019年7月31日 公布获奖名单

(三) 2019年9月15日 颁奖典礼

四. 申请资格


(一) 必须于2019年5月31日在美国华盛顿州认可的公立或私立学校就读,并在2019年秋季学期是美国华盛顿州认可的公立或私立学校全职学生

(二) 必须有亚太裔家庭背景

(三) 非往年同类别奖学金获得者

五. 奖学金选拔标准


(一) 学习成绩占30%

(二) 志愿活动和社区服务占25%

(三) 在科技工程领域的课外活动及成果占25%

(四) 作文20%


六. 申请所需材料和递交程序

请访问www.cie-sea.org以了解申请递交的程序以及所需递交的材料, 应包括:

(一) 网上填写申请表(包括作文)

(二) 近两年成绩单复印件,

(三) 一封推荐信。请使用提供的推荐信模板。推荐人须直接将推荐信发送至

(四) 各类考试成绩单复印件(可选),如ITBS、ITED、WASL、 PSAT、 SAT等


七. 颁奖典礼


八. 除奖金之外,获奖学生将得到以下的优惠待遇

1. 一年期CIE免费学生会员

2. 有机会协助学会主办专业和社会活动,获取社工服务时间

3. 受邀参加CIE与其他协会联合举办的专业社会活动,丰富阅历


Diane Li, Stephen Lee

Scholarship Committee, CIE/USA – Seattle

Q&A Email:


2019 Road-to-College Seminar

通向大学之路 美洲中国工程师学会西雅图分会邀应届学生现身说法


这几位高中毕业生中有热心社会公益的,有音乐艺术优秀者,有新移民,没有体育文艺和大奖却进入心仪大学的,他们是邻家孩子,更是如大家的自家孩子。他们分别来自贝尔维尤Bellevue、华盛顿湖 Lake Washington 和西雅图Seattle等学区,今年分别被布朗Brown, 康乃尔Cornell, 芝加哥Chicago, 加州圣地亚哥UCSD, 斯坦福Stanford大学录取。另有宾州大学沃顿商学院UPenn Wharton大一学生也前来指导。




地点:微软园区(Microsoft Research Hall, Building 99/1919, 14820 NE 36th St., REdmond, WA 98052)


Megan Lu Brown University

Edwin Ong Stanford University

Gloria Shi Cornell University

Kai Xin U of Chicago

Larry Zhang UCSD

IrisZhou UPenn Wharton


李丹 Diane Li,Blaze教育


李建平 Gina Li, VP of CIE-Seattle



CIE history on news

CIE in the history

2017 CIE Math Comp/ScienceFun winners

2018 CIE MathComp/ScienceFun


中国工程师学会2018年度数学比赛 2018 CIE MathComp/ScienceFun Event

Chinese Institute of Engineers

Saturday, November 10, 2018 from 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM (PST)

Bellevue, WA

Highlights of 2018 CIE/USA – SEA Annual Convention

2018 CIE/USA – Seattle Annual Convention took place at the Bellevue Westin hotel on the September 8, 2018. Here are some highlights.

2018 CIE/USA – SEA Annual Convention

Banquet/Seminars/Membership registration I Seminar Registration Only

2018 CIE/USA – Seattle Annual Convention has been scheduled on the September 8, 2018 at the Bellevue Westin hotel. Highlighted celebration activities include keynote speeches, Asian American Luminary Awards (AALA), APA Youth Scholarship Awards, Business Exhibition, comprehensive “How New Technology Will Transform Your Life” seminars, Education & Civic Engagement seminars, social Cocktail Reception and a scrumptious Award Dinner. For event registration or just join the CIE/USA – Seattle as a member, please visit the flyer at right or the links provided above.

2018 CIE-SEA Convention Seminars

Session 1: Emerging & Breakthrough of AI applications (Grand Ballroom B)

  1. 13:00-13:40 Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Aviation Industry
    • (Dr. Anne Kao, Senior Technology Fellow, the Boeing Company)
    • Abstract: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of the fastest growing fields in computer science, and the hottest topic in modern technology, promising to revolutionize our daily lives. However, with all the excitement comes a lot of hype, and it becomes hard to tell what’s reality and what’s science fiction; has the “HAL 9000” arrived? In this talk, we’ll review briefly the evolution of AI, its past and current state, and where we see its successes. We will also discuss applications of AI in aviation industry and how it might impact our daily life and people’s careers.
  2. 13:40-14:20 Microsoft Xiaoice – Breakthrough in EQ and Conversational AI
    • (Ying Wang, Director of Microsoft Global Xiaoice)
    • Abstract: The way we interact with our devices is changing rapidly and we’re now beginning to witness the early days of a transition to the next big shift in computing—one that is fueled by the advent of AI and built around a behavior that is most natural to humans—conversations and EQ. With the innovation of Xiaoice, Microsoft has rapidly made progresses in advancement of the EQ oriented conversational technology and applications. In four years, Xiaoice product lines had 6 iterations, launched in 5 markets, is recognized as the top social conversational AI globally with 660M user base, active on 14 top consumer platforms globally. Her EQ oriented conversational capability, full duplex voice sense and real-time vision enable Xiaoice(s) to be omnipresent in IM chat, in groups, on IoT devices as a companion and assistant. Enhanced with AI creation, Xiaoice(s) are also active TV show/radio program host(s) in regular programs, a rising poet, song writer & singer with first album release. We will share our learnings and our vision to see how Xiaoice(s) will continue to participate in human society and business ecosystems.
  3. 14:20-15:00 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Automation
    • (Dr. Roberto Lu, Vice President at TE Connectivity)
    • Abstract: Modern manufacturing is very different from the Ford Model T, which you can order any car you like as long as their colors are all black! In our modern automation, flexibility together with speed are essential, given that they conflict to each other naturally. In addition to the flexibility and speed, or Mass Customization, artificial intelligence has been gaining practical value and in use in many industries and business practices. Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning is revolutionize our industry today. There are multiple data sources quoted that many today’s jobs will disappear in less than 10 years and new types of jobs will be needed. Why is artificial intelligence and machine learning important to automation? Imaging that computing power can automatically managing complicated automation tasks with intelligence via self learning? What are the devices may help us to enable such learning? This presentation will illustrate couple examples with initial successes.
  4. 15:00-15:40 The Evolving U.S.-China Relationship in 2018: What Career and Business Effects Can Chinese American Engineers Expect?
    • (Nelson G. Dong J.D., Partner, Dorsey’s Corporate Group)
    • Abstract: Despite their efforts to establish some working relationship, President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping are facing an unprecedented level of tension and disagreement between the United States and China. What can these sharp differences in national industrial policy, regard for intellectual property, views in sovereignty and national security, trade and economics and global business practices mean for Chinese American engineers working in the technology sector? Nelson Dong, a member of CIE-Seattle’s Board of Advisors and a highly respected international technology attorney at the Dorsey & Whitney law firm, will review these current bilateral disagreements between the U.S. and China (including many recent U.S. legal changes) and explain their potential impacts upon the careers and businesses of many Chinese American technologists in industry as well as in higher education and government service. Nelson will draw his talk not only from his more than 40 years of practical international legal experience but also from his service as a long-time director of the Washington State China Relations Council and the National Committee on US-China Relations and as a member of the Committee of 100.

Session 2: Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Lake Chelan)

  1. 13:00-13:40 Opportunities and Challenges in Cross-border Innovation)
    • (Amy Du, CEO of VestLink)
  2. 13:40-14:20 Entrepreneurship Opportunities in AI Field
    • (Amanda Guo, Global VP of Sugon)
  3. 14:20-15:00 From Molecules to MW Batteries – A Journey Turning Lab Discovery into Commercial Products
    • (Gary Yang, Founder and CTO of UniEnergy Technologies)

Session 3a (13:00-14:30):Interests, Extracurricular and Passion (Lake Coeur'd Alene)

  1. Extracurricular Activities in Light of College Admissions
    • (Myungkee Min, Chief College Admissions Counselor at Dr. Min's Education Consulting)
  2. Let Kids Decide Their Own Future
    • (YP Chan, Principal at Chanden Inc.)
  3. Learn and Grow with Allen
    • (Wenge Zhang, Founder of Seattle Institute of Education)

Session 3b (14:30-16:00): Civic Engagement and Opportunities for High School Student

  1. Community Engagement Through Dialog
    • (Conrad Lee, Bellevue City Council Member)
  2. American Creed (Edwin Ong, Mayoral Intern) + Panel Discussion (Interns)

Annual Convention Banquet (Grand Ballroom B & C)

04:00 pm to 05:00 pm Reception

05:00 pm to 06:00 pm Evening Banquet Registration

06:00 pm to 06:10 pm Convention Greetings

06:10 pm to 06:40 pm Special Tribute to Mayer Edward Lee

06:40 pm to 07:30 pm Banquet Dinner

07:30 pm to 07:50 pm Keynote Speech: Jennette Ramos, Senior VP, Boeing

“Ready for the Age of Disruption”

07:50 pm to 08:00 pm Special Guest Speaker David Ku, VP, Microsoft

08:00 pm to 08:50 pm Asian American Luminary Award

08:50 pm to 09:20 pm 16th Annual APA Youth Scholarship Award

09:20 pm to 09:30 pm Closing Remark

2018 The 16th CIE/USA- Seattle Youth Scholarship Awardees

2018 Asian American Luminary Awardees


CIE/USA – SEA would like to express its sincere appreciation to the following companies for their sponsorship, commitments or supports in making this year’s Convention a successful one.

Diamond Sponsors




Gold Sponsors



Wu Property

TECO-SF Science Division


Chang-E, CHIME, Nanhai, SEC, VestLink

Partner event: Pathway Foundation Annual Conference

Is your child interested in gaining leadership skills, working on community projects, and learning more about civic engagement with Council member Conrad Lee?

Join us for Pathway Foundation's first Annual Conference on August 17th at City Hall from 7 pm – 9:30 pm as we discuss how the Mayoral Internship under Council member Conrad Lee helps prepare high school students for college and beyond. Joining us will be former interns including Rhodes Scholar and Yale graduate Mason Ji and Bellevue School District IB Coordinator Karen Roper.

If interested, please register at We hope to see you there!

Click here for details!

2018 Asian American Luminary Awards

Open nomination period: June 1 – July 22, 2018

Award ceremony: Sept. 8, 2018 at Westin Bellevue

Asian American Luminary Award (AALA) is a platform to honor and celebrate outstanding Asian American professionals and leaders with high achievements and contributions in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) within Pacific Northwest.

Award Categories

Asian American Corporate Leadership Award

Recognizes an individual who has outstanding leadership in developing products or services in the Award Fields

Asian American Entrepreneurial Achievement Award

Recognizes an individual who owns at least 10 percent or more of a thriving business with strong financial growth in the Award Fields

Asian American Science and Engineering Innovation Award

Recognizes a well-established engineer or scientist having significant contributions in his/her technical field through innovation

Asian American Services Award

Recognizes an individual who has consistently demonstrated qualities of leadership and community engagement/services, creating connections between people and organizations in order to enhance STEM related career paths in the community

For more information, please contact

Application Deadline: Jun 23, 2018

2018 The 16th CIE/USA- Seattle APA Youth Scholarship Competition

CIE Scholarship Overview | Online Application | Recommendation Letter Form | FAQ

1. Objective

To promote career interests of Asian Pacific American (APA) youth in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as well as to encourage their continued contributions to our community and society, CIE/USA-Seattle chapter organizes scholarship opportunity annually.

2. Scholarship Award Categories

a. CIE Scholarship Award

  1. Category 1: 7th graders to 9th graders $300 per award
  2. Category 2: 10th graders to 12th graders $600 per award
  3. Category 3: Undergraduate College Students $800 per award

b. CIE Special Award:

  1. Academic Excellence Award $100 per award
  2. Community Service Award $100 per award
  3. Extracurricular Excellence Award $100 per award

3. Applications and Award Schedule

  1. Application Deadline: Jun 23, 2018
  2. Awards Announcement: Jul 31, 2018
  3. Awards Ceremony: Sep 8, 2018 (CIE/USA-Seattle Annual Gala Award)

April 22, 2018 and June 3, 2018

ROAD-to-COLLEGE Seminars (registration)

2018 Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE)/USA-Seattle education seminars (


美洲中国工程工程师学会(CIE-USA)西雅图分会有幸邀请到亚太裔奖学金(CIE APA YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP)获得者来现场分享大学申请的成功经验,并请专家现场解读成功的原因。

这几位去年奖学金的获奖者;来自Bellevue, Lake Washington 和Seattle等学区,今年分别被加州理工(CalTech)、哥伦比亚大学(Columbia)、哈佛大学及宾州大学沃顿商学院(UPenn Wharton)录取。

Do you have kid(s) in high school? Are you seeking ideas for his/her college application? You will find what you need at CIE's ROAD-to-COLLEGE education seminars.

Chinese Institute of Engineers / USA - SEATTLE has the honor to invite CIE APA YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP winners to share their successful experience ofcollege application, and expert counselors to explain the reasons behind their success.

Last year's CIE scholarship winners came from local school districts, e.g. Bellevue, Lake Washington and Seattle. They have been admitted this year byCalTech, Columbia, Harvard and U Penn Wharton, respectively.


Stephanie Guo Columbia University

Angela Lin UPenn Wharton & Engineering

Anna Wang Harvard University

Iris Zhou UPenn Wharton


Diane Li Blaze Education


We welcome companies to sponsor our STEM activities which will benefit the next generation and beyond.


CIE/USA Seattle is a 501(c)(3) non-profit promoting professional and academic excellence in the Asian American community through annual programs across the Greater Seattle area:

Inspiring Leadership

- “Seattle Luminary Award” recognizing the global impact of local leaders

- Student & Young Professionals Mentoring Programs

Enriching Education

- Asian Pacific American Youth Scholarship Program

- APA Youth Math & Science Programs

- “Bridging the Gap” University and College Lecture Series

Developing Professionals

- Annual CIE/USA - Seattle Convention and Speaker Series

- Professional Development Seminars

- Technical Professionals Social Events

“I applaud the Seattle Chapter of CIE for its commitment to innovation and excellence, as well as its ongoing support of young people.”

Christine Gregoire, Former Washington State Governor

“The Chinese Institute of Engineers has been a leading force in helping keep our American economy strong, vibrant and innovative.”

David G. Reichert, Representative for Washington State

“As members of CIE of Seattle, you help ensure diversity and strength in the workplace as well as the success of future APA engineers.”

Maria Cantwell, Senator for Washington State

EPA SEE Brownfield Program Assistant

If you enjoy working with others and are interested in making a difference by helping communities build their capacity to clean-up contaminated properties, here’s something for you!

NAPCA needs a senior 55 years of age or older (PL-98-313) to work under the Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program, for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Seattle, Washington.

Qualifications: Must be at least 55 years of age and have a college degree in policy, education, business management, marketing, non-profit management, language arts, science, engineering, or an environmentally related field. Have knowledge or experience with managing, assessing, and cleaning up hazardous waste sites; teaching or training, including planning workshops, creating presentations, developing outreach material, research past accomplishments, webinars, and managing meetings; working effectively cross-culturally, especially with tribal governments; and grant management administration and project implementation (bookkeeping, office systems, reporting, tracking). Must be able to work independently, have proficiency with PC tools (MS Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Sharepoint), display strong organization skills, be detail oriented, and have excellent oral, written, and presentation skills, particularly with conveying technical information to non-technical audiences. Other desirable attributes include experience working with federal agencies, managing federal funding and/or grants, familiarity with Brownfield Redevelopment, and knowledge of Tribal sovereignty and Alaska village history.

Responsibilities and Duties: Focus on the mission of cleaning up communities and advancing sustainable development through providing technical assistance to local government, tribes, and non-profit organizations in their efforts to address contaminated sites and promote revitalization. Work includes assistance to the Brownfields staff with development of program tools, research past accomplishments, create outreach materials, write stories, conduct trainings, organize resources, and facilitate meetings. Aid on-site and remotely using available technology to convene groups. Ability to travel to urban and remote locations is required.

$15.45 per hour. 24-36 hours per week. Temporary year-to-year. Holidays, vacation, sick leave, enrollee-paid dental and vision insurance. Premium-paid health insurance is available for 30+ hours per week. EOE.

Send your resume and cover letter to by November 27.

Lois Kohashi-Sinclair

National Director, Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) Program

National Asian Pacific Center on Aging

1511 Third Avenue, Suite 914

Seattle, Washington 98101-1626


Phone: 206.838.8163

Fax: 206.624.1023

Please Donate Today: NAPCA Donation Link

Visit us at NAPCA.orgFacebook Twitter LinkedIn YouTube