Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps



Marine Corps Junior ROTC Leadership Education develops good citizenship, self-confidence and self-discipline. Leadership Education classes introduce cadets to the elements of Leadership, Military Customs, Drill and ceremonies, Uniform Inspections, Physical Fitness Training, Marksmanship, and Marine Corps History. Cadets are required to participate in civic service, wear the Marine Corps Uniform on designated days and participate in Physical Training once a week. MCJROTC Cadets conduct community service as a part of their MCJROTC education while contributing to their own development as citizens of this democratic society. Cadets have volunteered their time to assist food banks, remove litter in the community, visit the elderly and the sick, and in a multitude of other capacities.

Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is a hallmark of the Marine Corps Junior ROTC. One aim of Junior ROTC is to be fit, disciplined, resilient, and able to adapt to uncertainty and to the unknown. Physical fitness is a key element in improving the performance of every Cadet and contributes directly to their readiness for the future. The ultimate goal of Marine Corps Junior ROTC physical fitness is to optimize mental and physical performance and make all cadets more resilient and more capable in their future pursuits. The Junior ROTC units also forms Physical Fitness Teams and compete at the local, regional and national levels. The competition at these events are conducted in full fellowship with other cadets.

Color Guard

A Marine Corps JROTC unit’s Color Guard is often a very active representative of the unit at pubic events. Whether it’s presenting the American Flag at high school basketball or football games, National Honor Society events, or school board meetings, the MCJROTC Color Guard stands ready to serve its host school. In the community, MCJROTC Color Guards perform at parades, ceremonies, and sporting events. Several Color Guard units have performed at professional sporting events, including Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Football League (NFL), the National Hockey League (NHL), the National Basketball Association (NBA), and Major League Soccer (MLS).

Close-order Drill

Marine Corps Junior ROTC Cadets across the nation dedicate countless hours to the close-order drill. It is written into the MCJROTC curriculum as a means of instilling discipline and esprit de corps, and continues to be one of the finest methods for developing confidence and leadership abilities of Cadets. Units compete at local, state, regional and national Drill Team competitions throughout the year. While fostering a friendly and entertaining environment, these competitions provide MCJROTC Cadets an opportunity to showcase their hours of dedication and tremendous marching skills. Marine Corps JROTC units continue to enjoy success at the annual National High School Drill Team Championships in Daytona Beach, FL


Marksmanship is an integral part of the MCJROTC curriculum. With an emphasis on safety, the MCJROTC Marksmanship curriculum allows cadets to develop pride and a sense of accomplishment as they become more proficient with their marksmanship skills. Cadets will shoot the Daisy 853CM, an air rifle specifically designed exclusively for MCJROTC. Cadets will qualify and compete using the Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting standards. Three-Position Air Rifle Shooting is the most popular and fastest growing form of shooting sports competition for youth of high school age. Two different Three-Position Air Rifle events are available. Precision Air Rifle is modeled after Olympic-style shooting. Sporter Air Rifle is designed for new competitors.