Changhee Won

Ph.D. Student @ Hanyang Univ.

Room 818 IT/BT Bldg., Wangsimni-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul, Korea (04763)Tel:

Research Interest

  • Computer Vision, Geometry Vision, Deep Learning


  • Ph.D. in CSE, Hanyang Univ., Seoul, Korea, Mar. 2019— (present, under Prof. Jongwoo Lim)
  • M.S. in CSE GPA 4.37/4.5, Hanyang Univ., Seoul, Korea, Mar. 2017—Feb. 2019 (under Prof. Jongwoo Lim)
  • B.S. in CSE GPA 4.05/4.5, Hanyang Univ., Seoul, Korea, Mar. 2011—Feb. 2017
  • Sunrin Internet High School, Seoul, Korea, Mar. 2008—Feb. 2011


  • Visiting Researcher at Computer Vision and Geometry Group, ETH Zürich (Prof. Marc Pollefeys), Jul. 2019
  • 10-th TEDx HYU organizer as web server engineer, Mar—Jun. 2016 [web]
  • Research Intern at Computer Vision Lab. in Hanyang Univ., Jul. 2015—Jan. 2017
  • Intern at LG Electronics CTO Seocho R&D Campus, Jul—Aug. 2014
  • Network & Server Engineer during Korean Military Service, Apr. 2012—Jan. 2014


  • C. Won, J. Ryu, and J.Lim "OmniMVS: End-to-End Learning for Omnidirectional Stereo Matching", IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), 2019. [project page] [video]
  • C. Won, J. Ryu, and J.Lim "SweepNet: Wide-baseline Omnidirectional Depth Estimation", IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), 2019. [project page] [video]
  • (Domestic) 원창희, 임종우 "다수의 광각 어안 렌즈를 이용한 구면-스윕 스테레오 매칭", 제 30회 영상처리 및 이해에 관한 워크샵 (IPIU 2018). (C.Won and J.Lim, "Spherical-sweep Stereo using Multiple Wide Field of View Fisheye Cameras", IPIU 2018)
  • C. Won, H. Seok, and J.Lim "Point Cloud Alignment using Pose Graph Optimization from Pairwise Relative Poses", 23-th International Workshop on Frontiers of Computer Vision (IW-FCV'17).


  • Omnidirectional Vision System for Autonomous Driving, Jan. 2017—Aug. 2019 [project page]
  • High-resolution 3D Object Reconstruction using Projector-camera Structured-light, Jan. 2016—Mar. 2018 [related article]
  • Object Tracker Benchmark, Oct. 2015— [code] [project page]