Church In The Park Outreach Ministries was founded by Minister Kelly Berry. CITP is a interdenominational ministry, where local churches, ministries come together to pray and share the Gospel to our community. CITP also connects through community events.

Kelly Berry received her ordination from Kingdom of God Apostolic Prophetic Ministries International. She also holds a AA Degree in Theology and certificate in Chaplaincy.

One of the areas of the community involvement is Church in the park, Kelly is instrumental in securing city parks to showcase various churches of the area by having them hold and outreach event. This gives the community an insight into the different churches and Pastor that are available to them in the area.

Kelly's vision is to connect the community closer to Jesus Christ.

Location: Fayetteville , NC

If you would like to be connected with CITP follow us on our Facebook page at http://facebook.com/worshipinginthepark.

We look forward in seeing you there!