Dating Tips For Men


The dating tips you should know before dating!

Do you always spend much time thinking and worrying about dating? Do you always ask your friends for dating advise? Do you have no idea about what to say and how to behave during dating? Do you wish to catch your goddess's eyes and leave a good impression on her? Here we collect the most important and useful dating tips for men. With these tips, you won't need to trouble your friends anymore. You will understand what is good and what isn't and get more confidence in yourself. Ok, it's time to say bye-bye to dating agony.

Tips 1 .Think About What You Need

he first tip for men is getting to know yourself. This is the most and most important. Only if you know yourself will you be able to know what kind of woman you need. Just ask yourself two questions: 'Who am i?','What do i like?'. For example, if you are a sports junkie who has season tickets to the Miami Heat, do you want a woman who hates basketball and wants you home every night? Too many times men end up with women who don't like the life they cherish. This happens for two reasons: 1)She's on her best behavior. 2) He isn't self-aware enough to say, "I can't/won't ever give up my love of the Miami Heat. You okay with that?" Yes, you have to compromise some, but get the important cards on the table early and stick to them.

Tips 2 . Show The Most Natural And Best Of You

If you show the truest and best of yourself to the girl, you will get more chances and leave a better impression on her. This doesn't mean behave not like yourself in order to be good on every side. That's impossible. And it will do the opposite. Just dress nice, bathe, smell good, ask some questions, smile, laugh, exhibit a little knowledge about something interesting, and most importantly listen to her. Smile, nod and listen. You could also refer the graphic here.

Tips 3 . Choose The Right Place For Dating. Go Somewhere You Feel Comfortable

Actor George Hamilton once wrote that when he goes to a new town he finds the nicest restaurant and pays a visit in the afternoon. He introduces himself to the maitre d'. He gives them his credit card and says, "Please take an imprint of this. I'll be coming in several times over the next few days with various people. I'd like you to charge each meal, give yourself a 25% tip, and never bring me the bill." Each night when he walks in with his friends the maitre d' says, "Good evening Mr. Hamilton. Right this way to your table." When dinner is done he tells his friends, "I've taken care of dinner," and they get up and go. I know you're not a movie star, but don't lose the lesson. Whenever you can, date on familiar ground. You'll feel much more comfortable and get a better result!