Is He Interested In Dating Me?

Tell tale Signs That He Is


Is He Interested In Me?

A lot of women who are dating are often wondering and asking the question "is he interested in dating me?" Men are naturally mysterious and there is no way a woman can tell whether he is genuinely interested at her or not. In fact, there are times when women may feel that a guy likes her only to find out that he is already dating another woman. If you want to find the answer to the question "Is he interested in dating me?", then it is important that you know how to read the signs.

What It Means:

Is he interested in dating me or not? This is one of the many questions that women ask especially if they are going out with a guy whom they like. Although men may not be too vocal with how they feel, you can get your answers by looking at their eyes. The eyes are windows to the soul and a guy who is interested at you often looks at you with admiration in his eyes. Another sign that indicates that he is interested in you is when he becomes speechless when you ask him something. In fact, a guy who is truly interested is usually incoherent during the first few days that you are dating. In most cases, he will often try to reach you by email, SMS or by calling you. When a guy is interested, he tries his best to get your attention. In fact, some of the antics that they do are very obvious so you can easily tell whether you have already enthralled them or not. You have to stop asking yourself "Is he interested in dating me or not?" once he starts manifesting all these signs. All you need to do is to humor him along or you can play hard to get to make your relationship more challenging and gratifying.

Bottom Line:

While men are mysterious when it comes to finding out their real emotion towards women especially when they know that they control the situation, they still tend to give themselves away especially during the first few days in the relationship. So if you are one of the many women who ask the question Is He Interested In Dating Me, then you can easily find out the answer during the first few days of your relationship. If you don't see any of these in your guy, then chances are that he is just fooling around.