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Current items in my stock, can be picked up in Lebanon or Annville

Most of my items are doTERRA, however I do make blends specific to your current wellness needs


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The following is a list of items I have in my current retail stock. I can order in any doTERRA items

*please note list may be subject to change without prior notice

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Single oils 15ml (approximately 250 drops)

Cassia, promotes healthy cardiovascular system function, healthy digestion and may help support healthy immune system function, $25

Clove, Promotes healthy teeth and gums, and cardiovascular health, and has powerful antioxidant properties, $18

Frankincense, may reduce the appearance of skin imperfections, supports cellular function & promotes feelings of relaxation and balanced mood, $93

Lavender, used for calming and relaxing, soothes skin irritations, promotes peaceful sleep, $28

Lemongrass, promotes healthy digestion and acts as an overall tonic to the body's systems, $13

Patchouli, provides a grounding and balancing effect of emotions, reduces the appearance of blemishes, $39

Peppermint, promotes healthy digestive health, and respiration function, also repels bugs naturally, $27

Spearmint, Promotes healthy digestion and uplifts mood, $38

Wild Orange, powerful cleanser and purifying agent, promotes energizing feeling, $14

Blends (multiple oils combined for a specific wellness needs)

Aromatouch, massage blend, 15ml, promotes feelings of relaxation and lessens feelings of tension$34

Balance, grounding blend 15ml, Promotes an overall sense of relaxation and evokes feelings of tranquility and balance, $26

Breathe, respiratory blend, 15ml, maintains feelings of clear airways, helps minimize effects of seasonal threats, $26

On Guard, protective blend, 15ml, Formulated to support healthy immune function,$42

Peace, reassuring blend, 5ml, $37

Serinity, restful blend, 15ml, Calming and promotes feelings of relaxation and restful sleeping environment, $40

Terrashield, outdoor blend, 15ml, provides powerful outdoor protection, $14

Whisper, womens blend, 5ml, promotes calming of emotions throughout the day, $32

doTERRA Touch Line - oils blended with coconut oil for ease and ultimate safety during use for all ages, 10ml Roller-bottles

Breathe touch, respiratory blend,$17

Frankincense touch, $60

Lavender touch, $18

On Guard touch, protective blend, $28

Peppermint touch, $18

Melaleuca touch, $16

Wellness Products

Hand and Body Lotion, unscented for use with blending your essential oils for smooth application, $20

Fractionated Coconut Oil, $16

TerraZyme, digestive Enzyme Complex, $50