Christopher Bing


Welcome to my website. This website is divided into three parts:

Editorial, Op-Editorial, and Picture Books.


Christopher Bing won a 2001 Caldecott Honor Award for his picture book interpretation of the classic 1888 poem Casey at the Bat. His 2nd. book, The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere was called “an impressive volume” by Publishers' Weekly. In a starred review, Booklist termed it “a remarkable visual interpretation of Longfellow’s classic poem.” Mr. Bing lives in Massachusetts where he works on picture books, op-editorials, humor and more. He also holds workshops, talks, and residencies.

Aesthetic and Process

Op-Ed and Editorial commissions for Hardcopy (Print) and E-Press editions;

I work from my own visual concepts; I have always art directed my own work. If you have seen my work and liked it then send me your editorial and I will give you my best, with choices.

Gifs of the editorial are extra.


This is a notation for Picture Book Editors.

I work from an image based process.

I am a High Functioning Asperger * on the visual end of the Autistic Spectrum. My picture books come to me as full blown movies where I have to edit my visions down to as series of static images, then put in the text. I start with a motion picture so the drawings speak for themselves. In short, I reverse the traditional [Neuro -Typical (NT)'s] process, the images come to me before text.

*A late life (over 50) diagnosis; See Auto-Biographical (graphic) Novel: The Autobiography of a Neuro -Divergent. Posts. as Visual Blog.


You can reach Christopher via email at