The Virtual monthly Mental health Economics Seminar Series is a virtual seminar focused on the economics of mental health organized by Ana Moura (Tilburg) and Christoph Kronenberg (CINCH, Duisburg-Essen). It takes place every last Tuesday of the month at 3pm (CET), see schedule below. This seminar is aimed at academic economists, in particular those working in Europe. Yet, we do not police attendance, beyond the rules outlined below (please read the Format section incl. the code of conduct).

We randomize presenters, so everyone has an equal shot!


The seminar lasts one-hour and consist of a 35-minute presentation by the author and 25 minutes for Q&A. You can sign up to the general VMESS mailing list here in order to receive information about the upcoming talks. Members of that list can register for the individual talks. Links and passwords will only be distributed to those who register interest for a talk. The seminars are not recorded and we ask you to please do not make recordings or pictures without the permission of the presenter.

We recommend that participants and presenters read our Code of Conduct prior to participation. It includes a more detailed description of the format.



26th of January - “Access to Health Care and Mental Health – Evidence from the ACA Preexisting Conditions Provision” presented by Otto Lenhart (Co-authors: Matt Hampton)

23th of February - “Are We Overdiagnosing Mental Illnessess? Evidence from Randomly Assigned Doctors” presented by Marieke Bos (Co-authors: Andrew Hertzberg and Andres Liberman)

30th of March - “Mental Health and Abortions among Young Women: Time-varying Unobserved Heterogeneity, Health Behaviors, and Risky Decisions” presented by Lena Janys (Co-authors: Bettina Siflinger)

27th of April - “Living at the Peak: Health and Public Finance During the Covid-19 Pandemic” presented by Judit Vall Castelló (Co-authors: Dirk Foremny and Pilar Sorribas-Navarro)

25th of May - “The Effect of Retirement on Health - Evidence from Administrative Data” presented by Mara Barschkett (Co-authors: Peter Haan, Anna Hammerschmid and Johannes Geyer)

29th of June - “Material resources and well-being - Evidence from an Ethiopian housing lottery” presented by Andreas Kotsadam (Co-authors: Asbjørn G. Andersen and Vincent Somville)


28th of April - “The mental health effect of an early pregnancy loss” presented by Sara Rellstab (Co-authors: Pieter Bakx & Pilar García-Gómez)

26th of May - "How to improve a mental health patient status when treatment non-adherence is a problem?" presented by Maria Ana Matias (Co-authors: Pedro Chaves and Pedro Pita Barros)

30th of June - "Parental investments, socioemotional development and nutritional health in Chile" (slides) presented by Juan Carlos Caro

28th of July - "Rationalizing self-defeating behaviors: theory and evidence" presented by Lars J. Lefgren (Co-authors: Olga B. Stoddard and John E. Stovall) published in JHE.

31st of August - "Neighborhood Violence, Poverty, and Psychological Well-being" presented by Mo Alloush (Co-author: Jeffrey Bloem)

29th of September - "Lifestyle and Mental Health Disruptions during COVID-19" presented by Osea Giuntella (Co-authors: Kelly Hyde, Silvia Saccardo, Sally Sadoff) published in PNAS.

27th of October - "Peer Gender and Mental Health" presented by Armando Meier (Co-author: Demid Getik)

24th of November - Graduate Student Mental Health: Lessons from American Economics Departments presented by Valentin Bolotnyy (Co-authors: Matthew Basilico and Paul Barreira) published in JEL