Perform Christmas Cantata

To perform Christmas Cantata in a church, school, or concert hall, this is how to proceed.

What you need

    1. Copies of the vocal score for your singers.
    2. If you don't have musicians, download the free Backing Tracks.
    3. If you have just a few instruments, download the parts.
    4. If you have an orchestra, download the orchestral parts.

What it costs

We ask for Grand Rights of 7.5% on each performance. In other words, at any performance where tickets are sold, or a freewill offering is taken, you remit 7.5% of all money collected. This is how it works...

  • Notify us of your intended performances via
  • After the performance, tell us what sum was raised and remit 7.5% of it to our account.

Performance of individual arias

If you want to perform a single section of Christmas Cantata in the context of a church service of worship, then simply the enter the details of the song on your CCLI return.