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Branding Gift Hampers for Clients

Gift hampers for clients to show them how much you appreciate their custom can be a great way to keep them on board – and with plenty of options to choose from, you could tailor your hampers to your heart’s content.

But there’s one thing that plenty of businesses overlook when giving these sorts of gifts away and that’s the potential to promote your brand in the process.

Plenty of online hamper making companies offer branding and printing services to their clients – and even more of them do so at a very affordable rate.

Just imagine that for a minute; the option to give a little something back to your favourite clients, whilst ensuring that the name of your brand gets spread about on your behalf.

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What types of things can you include?

The trick is to try to promote your services, while giving back to your client in a way that doesn’t seem overtly obvious.

A good way to do this is by mixing and matching – and this is a technique that can be a great way to sandwich your promotion in a way that lets your recipient know who the gift comes from, without being too over the top.

For instance, you could always add a couple of branded products such as pens, pencils, rulers and staplers – offering a mix of things that can be used in both the short and long term.

And to act as the bread in your branding sandwich, you could add a couple of tasty treats that aren’t branded by your own company, as well as a few accessories and gadgets that they might be able to put to good use in other ways.

As long as you don’t overwhelm your client with branded goodies – they won’t feel like you are forcing them to be appreciative, or to shout your name from the rooftops. It will allow you to enjoy their appreciation in other ways; such as with continued business and this is an option that can certainly play a role in the continuity of you being able to offer your services.