Past Events

Battling the Blank Page

How many times have you stared at a blank page thinking, “Where do I start?” Writers can spend many wasted hours searching for inspiration outside of ourselves, yet we hold some of the most compelling and interesting “prompts” right in our own conscious and subconscious minds. In this workshop we’ll use dreams, memory, and mental imagery to combat writer’s block and inspire new work.

"One of the best writing classes I've ever taken, and I've taken a lot! I am a teacher and I thought Christine's teaching methodology was really phenomenal, on top of her positivity, sense of humor, and knowledge of the subject matter."

-Deb Sperling

"So far, best class I've taken in house. Right length, tied things up well. Got me past the blank page."

-Scott Vogt

Planting Seeds Writing Retreat

A four hour spring workshop for women. Deepen your writing practice with meditations, prompts, quiet time, & discussion. We'll explore the concept of "Sacred Creativity" and what it means to live a life of joy, ritual, and imagination.

"This retreat gave me the confidence to let it flow and not be afraid to write stuff down just because or experiment. I left feeling kind of like, you can't really make a mistake in the creative process, it can be 'that organic'."

-Sarah Bowley

Writing with Your Inner Child

Accessing Play While Writing-- Instructor Christine Green will guide you through an in-depth meditation coupled with several writing exercises. We'll reach inside to discover how to love, protect, and learn from our inner child in order to enhance our writing practice. When we feel loved and safe our writing will flow more freely and we have a greater access to joy and a sense of play.

"It was truly the first time I had been able to reach my inner child. I feel a true healing happened for me today. You are an angel!"

-Mary Monroe

Letter Writing in the Modern Era

We live in a world of emails, texts, and Snapchat “conversations.” Communication is produced and consumed like fast food. Let’s slow it down a bit and reembrace the personal letter. In this workshop we’ll explore letter writing as a creative art that deserves our full attention. We’ll discuss personal letter writing as well as how to use the letter writing format to inform and enhance fiction, essays, and poetry.