There are many amazing students, teachers, programs, and activities in MISD, but we should always continue to strive for more!

The following are areas in which I believe I can contribute to greater MISD success.

Authentic Assessment

We live in a society focused on test scores. However, many of these high stakes tests do not measure the whole student and only provide a single snap shot of limited knowledge. Authentic Assessment is a form of measurement that is realistic and asks the students to perform the knowledge in a real world setting. As an MISD Board Member, I will:

  • Push for more realistic and complete assessments, such as portfolios that demonstrate student growth over a long period of time or activities/ projects that combine multiple skills.

  • Reduce the focus on high stakes tests. The goal should be LEARNING, not testing. I never want to hear of any teacher "giving the rest of the year off" because the test is done.

  • Push for realistic assessment of teachers.

Increased Transparency/ Communication from the Board

The school board makes many decisions the public deserves to know and understand. There are many misconceptions and misunderstandings about School Board decisions, and increased transparency will help the public distinguish fact from rumor.

Support for the Teachers

We have many amazing teachers in MISD, but they face challenges every day in the classroom. I will work hard to ensure the teachers have a voice and an advocate on the Board.