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When continents collide

(in a good way)

Today's people are divided. Deep dividing lines are drawn in considering the effects we have on the earth, particularly on climate change. Sadly these divides reign over a problem that we need to unite on and work together to solve. Luckily there are some subjects, maybe the less menacing ones, that we can agree on.

Like a breath of fresh air topics in environmental conservation unite us. By conservation I mean protection of fisheries, of forests, of frogs and of teeny tiny sea horses. Systems of plants and animals that people rely on and want to protect. These are some of the conservation issues that get us to miraculously sit in one room and discuss how to solve them. These we do agree on.

Raorchestes travancoricus

A rediscovered frog discussed by Rajkumar Kundhippadath from India

The search for conservation solutions has the power to blur all the divisions we politically or culturally may think we have. The Student Conference on Conservation Science is focused on creating networks of conservation scientists across those divides. Held in the Zoology Department of Cambridge University in the UK from the 28th to 30th of March for the 18th successful year, it was three days full optimistic, focused, determined, and passionate people from across the world. As one conference speaker describing the attendees said:

“You’re young, you’re bright, and you’re trying to save the world that’s an amazing thing”. - Heather Koldewey

of the ZSL Let’s work for Wildlife. Project Ocean. @heatherkoldeway @OneLessBtl

This conference brought people from at least 61 countries together in a whirlwind discussion on Tapirs, Elephants, social science and community engagement. The conference was unique in its optimistic spirit. Environmental conservation turned everyone in the room into #EarthOptimism optimists.

It demonstrated that If we the people of 6 different continents could all come together in such a unique event, then maybe the future is less dark. Bright even.

All types of science were showcased during these three days yet all focused on conservation. Witnessing as people from different backgrounds, cultures and histories joined as one mind was magic. A dream made real. Through coffee breaks, pizza dinners and sharing of dance moves a miracle occurred. People united and conservation got done.

A visually striking piece of science by Tinja Pitämäki from Finland

A visually striking piece of science

by Tinja Pitämäki from Finland