I’m not called “ChatterBox Christie” for nothing! I love putting my gift of gab to good use verbally and visually as well as with my pen. In my ten-year journey through the digital space, I’ve facilitated break-out sessions and moderated panel discussions at dozen social media and/or business conferences. I hosted a successful weekly live internet radio show as well as guest appearances on other podcasts. Finally, as a content creator and influencer, I’ve created voice-over and video content to promote events, product launches, reviews, and more.

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BlogHer-Experts Among Us: “Remembering How to Write” (open lab) and “Crafting Your Memoir” (panel)


TechMunch-Atlanta: “Social Media Best Practices” (panel)


The Lady Bloggers Social Online Conference: “What Makes You So Special: Carving out a niche in an over-saturated blogosphere”

Type-A Parent Conference: “Vlogging for Bloggers: From Keyboard to Camcorder”

Execumama’s Women’s Emotional Wellness Conference: “Owning Your Awesomeness“

Blogalicious Conference: “Google Plus and Pinterest: Getting to Know The New Kids”


Social Media Forum: “Introduction to Social Media for Entrepreneurs and Non-Profits”

Moms In Business Unite (Atlanta): “Just Enough Geek to Get You Going”

The Lady Bloggers Social Online Conference: “But Blogging IS A Real Job”

SheStreams Conference: “It’s Not Your Mother’s Radio” (panel) and “Choosing the Right Streaming Platform”


Product Camp: “Using Bloggers and Social Media for Your Marketing Message”

BarkWorld Expo: “Social Media Productivity and Time Management” and “Blogging, Twitter, Facebook Basics”

Northern District Dental Society: “Smile! You’re On Social Media: Dental Benefits of Being Engaged”

Blogalicious: “Chronicles of Fit Divas: Journeys in Weight Loss and How Social Media Played a Role”

The Lavish Xperience: “But It IS A Real Job: Explaining to Family/Friends Your Social Media Profession”

voice work


Pain To Power Podcast (guest)

In this episode of the Pain to Power Podcast, Eric and his blerd, nerdist guest Christie Glascoe delve into conflict and villainy as it relates to stories of old versus today's standards, what role does Erik Killmonger play in the Black Panther movie and how do we as people frame conflict and vilify people with whom we don't see eye to eye.

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