Christian Musings

Meditations on discipleship.

David Weller, aka poetspirit; see profile.

Christians are in this world, not of it.

You can't make yourself happy; it comes naturally.

You take the good with the bad.

I am a Christian and I receive inspiration whenever I need it.

Was I wrong? Stay active even in penance.

Wisdom is the reason to stay active.

Corruption is an unclean heart.

Being without faith, hope and love is being without the Bible.

Sing as if the song is new-- it cleans your conscience.

The Christian calendar is a gift of tradition.

Being a Christian overrides all titles.

Art is truth in the action of the observer.

God speaks in all circumstances.

Musings of Christianity is still to the Christian.

Garbage in, garbage out shows no use to the Christian.

The good, the bad and the ugly; Christ is best.

Christians are blessed. Let's keep them that Way.

Christians are honest. Let's keep them Truthful.

Christians are beautiful. Let's keep them Alive.

It's okay to dance-- art knows no boundaries.

All human beings can be Christian; all Christians can be human.

The Bible is religious, says the spiritual.

Power is secular; the use of power is sacred.

Art conducts the soul, the soul performs art.

The closer you are to God, the better you can hear Him.

Prayer answers God's needs.

Prayer enlightens the heart.

Discipleship is Christianity in action.

The spirit listens, the soul does.

To be a witness for Christ depends on your heart.