The Leaves that Hung but Never Grew

“The Leaves That Hung but Never Grew” (Sieben Blätter)- An interactive musical narrative

Kl-Ex Ensemble:

Nora-Louise Müller: Bohlen-Pierce Clarinet

Todd Harrop: Bohlen-Pierce Chimes

Franck Hemmerle: Percussion

Vedran Mutic: Bohlen-Pierce-E-Bass

Melle Weijters: Bohlen-Pierce-E-Guitar

Christian Klinkenberg: Bohlen-Pierce Keyboard

Paul Pankert: Violin

Suse Weisse: Storyteller

Lothar Felten: Interactive App

Jens Schumacher: Samples and real-time-fx

Marc Kirschvink: Paintings

Plot: A story about lost love, an evil witch, an enchanted tree, and the leaves that hung, but never grew is integrated in the performance.

The book: Dark Tales from the Woods by Daniel Morden. One of seven short stories, in which are found vivid retellings of the gypsy tales collected from the Wood family of Caegwyn. Including magical tales rich with the mystery of the Welsh landscape and quest stories.

The scale: The Bohlen Pierce scale is a 13-step non octave scale which is tempered to the perfect-twelfth (3/1). For this reason, the musicians have specially constructed instruments (clarinet, keyboard, chimes). The string instruments (e-guitar, bass, violin) also need to retune their strings and have to increase the spacing of the fingerings or frets by about half.

The app: The special feature of this performance: the audience can play along via an app.

Performances: 27th of April 2018 and 20th of November 2018 in the “AINSI” Theater Maastricht (NL).

Partners: Euro Microfest, Chudoscnik Sunergia, IMPACT (International Meeting in Performing Arts and Creative Technologies), Jazz Maastricht