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Christ Consulting Group

Christ Consulting Group (Department of Psychology) is a results-driven business consultancy firm. We design and deliver exceptional solutions to achieve organizational objectives. Our services are majorly anchored around establishing a collaborative network between the corporate world and academia. CCG began as an initiative by the Psychology Department at CHRIST deemed to be University, in 2016. The services offered range from professionalisation to wellness and research and development.

What distinguishes us is the fact that we are an academic body. Our access to a wide array of educational resources and the support team, a hub of diverse areas of expertise helps us provide holistic services which lend a competitive edge to organisations.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Level -1

Certification Programme

Dates: Novemebr 30, 2019 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM

December 01, 2019 09:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Venue: CHRIST Main Campus, Hosur Road, PU BLock,

Floor 4, Seminar Hall



In terms of delivery, we believe in quality being the yardstick of our services.


We follow a systematic procedure in order to meet your strategic goals.

International Collaborations

We have hosted International Conferences with the International Coaches Federation and accreditation collaborations like LUMINA and Strengthscope.


Our expertise spans over several disciplines and specialities.


As an institution, Christ believes in pursuit of excellence.


• Business Suite

Business Etiquette

Etiquettes in a business setup can often make or break a deal. CCG offers to help its clients with this delicate yet salient aspect of the business world.

Personal Branding

Branding your business helps one to build a reputation in the market. Grow in reputation with CCG’s personal branding services.

People Skills

CCG helps its clients to improve their listening abilities, interaction skills and effectiveness when in conversation with other sources.

• Mind matters

Neuroscience Labs

Where mind meets technology. CCG offers the services of neuroscience laboratories to its clients in mapping stress and sleep patterns.

Stress Management

Handle stress effectively through neurocoaching, wellness workshops and one on one coaching.

Emotional well-being

Be healthy emotionally, with CCG’s services intent on creating mindfulness and balance.

Work-Life Balance

Stressed about work encroaching into personal life? Maintain a balance between both, through CCG’s services on work-life balance.

EQ Enhancement

Enhance Emotional intelligence through psychometrics and customised coaching.

• Team Empowerment

Cross-cultural awareness

Become aware and mindful towards the cultural sensitivities of a global team through the cross-cultural sensitivity training.

Organisation Culture and Team building

Want to build on the efficiency by strengthening the bond within teams and creating a welcoming organisational culture? CCG can help.

Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Not sure about how to negotiate and resolve those tough conflicts? CCG’s niche is facilitating problem solving.

• Research and Content Creation

Psychometric test creation

CCG helps create and administer psychometric tests that accurately diagnose organisational issues, profile personality types, leadership skills, performance and aptitude of your workforce.

Research Expertise

Christ faculty has specialist skills-set in specific research domains and lend their expertise to organisational needs from time to time.


Ms Anamika Viswanathan


Christ Consulting Group