Worship & Music Ministries

Acolyte or Server

The Acolytes assist with the lighting of the candles, carrying the processional cross, holding the gospel book, and performing other tasks that are part of our worship services. We welcome acolytes of all ages to participate in this ministry and there is no expectation of time commitment.

Come as you are and both Rev. Paul and Rev. Auburn will be happy to serve with you and coach you as we give thanks and praise to God.

The ministry of the Altar Guild is an important one that helps to ensure the vessels, linens, and altar are prepared for our weekly Eucharists. The members of the Altar Guild rotate assignments and duties so that everyone on the team shares in this joyful ministry. If you would like to help with the Altar Guild, please contact Liz Slayton at 802-229-0164. Thank you!

Lay Eucharistic Ministers

The ministry of the Lay Eucharistic Minister is to serve at the altar alongside our priests in mutual ministry. The Lay Eucharistic Minister collaborates with the priest during services of Holy Eucharist by leading the prayers of the people, helping to set the Table for communion, and administering the chalice during the distribution of communion.

Contact Steamer Walke at 802-223-3632 or steamer@walkesonraquette.com.

Lay Eucharistic Minister Schedule: March 06, 2019 – May 26, 2019

Lay Eucharistic Visitors

The mission of the Lay Eucharistic Visitor is to bring Communion out to those persons who are unable to be present with us here at Christ Church.

The Lay Eucharistic Visitor Team often brings communion to those in the hospital, nursing homes, and to those persons that may be homebound.

Contact Rev Beth Ann Maier at 802-244-7472 or kidmd@hotmail.com.

Lectors and Readers

The ministry of the lector is to read Old and New Testament passages during the 10:00 AM church service.

Contact Steamer Walke at 802-223-3632 or steamer@walkesonraquette.com.

Members of the Worship Committee meet monthly to plan for upcoming liturgical seasons and special services. We engage in spirited discussions about how we can create liturgies that are engaging and theologically meaningful. Please consider joining us!

Contact Rev. Paul at 802-223-3631.

Ushers & Greeters

The Usher Team takes seriously Jesus’ own personal mission of inclusive welcoming, the ushers at Christ Church is the first “touch” that visitors will experience.

Our team always strives to be friendly and helpful by greeting people with a warm welcome and a smile. Our ushers hand each person a fully detailed bulletin, so that all in attendance will know exactly what to expect in our worship services.

Contact Jody Pettersen at 802-522-6171.