Chris L McClish -

"Many roles, many journeys, and one spirit!"

About Chris

Education and Career

Chris has served the community as a psychologist, life coach, fitness trainer, Judo/Jujitsu coach, and master mindfulness practitioner. He has also supervised others in positions such as being a clinical director, license supervisor, and has been on the board of directors for mental health services. Chris graduated at the top of his class with a Master of Science degree in Counseling Psychology. He has met many past famous psychologists and studied under many great teachers. He enjoyed his career in the mental health field, which lasted many years. A few years ago, he decided to change his career role for reasons, which included both the need for more time with family, and included his desire to get in better physical shape (due to his history of having worked long hours in sedentary positions).

Among his past roles, Chris has:

  • Served as a topic expert, addressing mental health issues in news and electronic media articles.
  • Authored publications both in print and online.
  • Served as a mentor to mental health professionals including having positions of being a clinical supervisor.
  • Provided educational seminars to other professionals (psychologists, social workers, nurses, and doctors).
  • Taught many years as a martial arts coach in the martial art of Judo/Jujitsu (second-degree black belt).

Chris has gained from not only from his many years gathering wisdom about factors that cause mental and physical impairments to growth, but additionally by having experiences in motivating people to deal with major life challenges. Chris enjoys spreading his knowledge, wisdom, and skills that will enable others to be motivated to face the daily life obstacles that stand in their way.


He has been licensed and certified in various capacities: in the recent past, he was licensed as a clinical psychotherapist. Currently, he is certified in the following: life coach, fitness trainer, Judo coach and Master Mindfulness Practitioner.


Having studied under great teachers, Chris had gone from someone with no athletic experience, into becoming adept as a martial artist and a martial arts teacher. He attained the rank of Nidan (second-degree black belt) in the art. Chris coached many athletes including both of his sons. He also served as a local, regional, and national referee. He became a proponent of a style of Judo/Jujitsu referred to by many names, but more recently as the “Empty Gi” style (Empty Uniform), also referred to as Aiki-Judo and has an emphasis on eastern Taoist principles of yielding. Just like his psychology philosophy, his teaching in Judo relies on the same premises.

“Chris is powerful, yet few would know. Most people would not know that he is respected by many. Yet, he is not-intimidating, as he is very gentle and is one of the kindest and most compassionate people that you will ever meet!”

A personal mission:

Because of having the roles of supervisor, mentor, author, therapist, Judo teacher, life coach, public speaker, and fitness trainer, he has been referred to by many people as “Teacher”, “Sensei”, and “Coach”.

Chris's approach:

"I gained wisdom from my years of being a psychotherapist and having worked with those clients of all ages who have had severe situations.

My approach to my life and those that I encounter along the way, includes combining principles from contextual psychology, eastern philosophy, and Judo philosophies, along with many years of skill at motivating people to make healthy lifestyle changes."

Currently, I am discontinuing my professional services, as I am beginning an exciting new career direction!