Mikao's Journey

Praise for "Mikao's Journey"

Reviews from Amazon Customers:

"This book is of high quality. It keeps the Reiki story alive in the spirit of the verbal tradition from which it emerged. Anama-Green takes what facts we know and fleshes out the story around them to create a narrative that's at once impressive, informative and instructive. I think it was meant as a children's book; however, I will be using this as a course text for my next Reiki I class so students can remember the simplicity and the beauty of the very powerful story."

"I really appreciated this book. I, as a Reiki Master, even learned some things! For instance, that Mikao Usui had brothers and sisters and that he got very sick himself when he had the revelation to look for a healing method to teach others. The story is well thought out and includes all the essential information for a basic level of understanding about Reiki. I would recommend this book for children and adults who want to learn about Reiki or to use as a teaching tool in a Reiki class. Thank you Chris!"

"The story of Mikao's Journey is an inspirational one. I cried a couple times while reading to my son because of the beautiful words of hope. Trust in the universe, try not to worry, clear your head, find your own path....these are all words of advice I hope my child learns from the story as he grows."

Free MP3 Read-Along of Mikao's Journey

Some of my favorite childhood memories are those of my family reading aloud to me. While I've always enjoyed reading alone, there's something special about reading aloud together with loved ones. Here I offer a free MP3 download where I read Mikao's Journey: The Story of Reiki. I call this a "Read-Along" rather than an "audiobook" because this file is intended to be played as you follow along in the book, which features full-color illustrations. So, grab your copy of Mikao's Journey, download this free MP3...and enjoy!

Special thanks to: PeriTune for the use of "Whisper3" and Keys of Moon for the use of "Morning Light."

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