"Search for the good in all people and you will find it." — Charles Fillmore

"Don't be discouraged by your incapacity to dispel darkness from the world. Light your little candle and step forward." — Amma

I have been practicing Usui Reiki since 2013...

...and teaching as a Reiki Master since 2017. (Read more about Reiki here...) In addition to my "traditional" interests I am also fascinated with metaphysics. I have studied metaphysics with the College of Divine Metaphysics (subsequently receiving ordination) and the University of Metaphysics. (More on my credentials here.) I am also an avid dowser and have benefited a lot from the work of Raymon Grace. I'm always learning more and striving to improve my practice. I recently became editor of the Journal of Metaphysical Thought, which is a professional space for metaphysical practitioners to share, learn, and grow.

"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them." — Dalai Lama

I am a certified aromatherapist.

Though many traditional aromatherapists address physical health concerns, my primary interest in aromatherapy lies in its emotional and spiritual benefits. I love to combine my science and health knowledge with aromatherapy and metaphysical principles to help others achieve greater emotional and spiritual well-being. Check out my aromatherapy work: Mindful Essential Oils.

Hi I'm Chris.

I live and work in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky (where the scenery is gorgeous in every season and the people are friendly). I grew up in southwest Virginia and spent time studying/working in eastern North Carolina and northeast Tennessee before settling down in eastern Kentucky.

While in North Carolina I earned my first master's degree (in public health) and while in Tennessee I studied and taught college-level environmental science. Having fallen in love with the Spanish language in high school, it was inevitable that I would end up teaching it. I earned my second master's degree (in Spanish education) shortly after moving to Kentucky. I love teaching -- whether it be Spanish, environmental science, or Reiki.