About Me

My first job in education involved teaching 7th grade social studies in Reno, Nevada. After substitute teaching and having my own classroom, I decided to take an alternative career path. I came to the conclusion that my interests were in technology and education. Consequently, I received another degree in Educational Software Design from the Empire State College in New York. I moved to New York City and pursued a certificate in Interactive Media. I have been teaching computer design at Mountain Ridge Middle School since 2003. During that time, I have had four of my lessons published in the EdTech Magazine: Internet Hoaxes, Multimedia Projects, Global Warming and Online Culture. I acquired a Master's in Technology in Education from Lesley University. During the summer of 2009, I became Google Teacher Certified in Boulder. I acquired Google Certified Educator Level 1 in 2018. I present at the EdTechTeam Global Summits featuring Google for Education roughly 2-3 times a year. I completed my book "Great Ways to Integrate Technology in the Classroom". “Tech Units and Stories” is my most recent publication. This book allows you to learn about stories behind the scene of units that are available for those who purchase the book. Purchasing the book gets users access to 20 online units. I have over 40 Google websites and 400 videos on Youtube for the education community. You can check out my resume.

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