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Chris Bull Art features the art of Chris Bull with examples of his watercolour, pastel, acrylic, oils and mixed-media paintings. English artist Chris Bull is probably best known for his landscape paintings depicting the English countryside and, in more recent years for his wildlife paintings and portraiture. Chris Bull has lived much of his life in his home town of Leicester but has been working from his studio in Bristol in recent years.

Chris Bull Art


The art which Chris Bull creates is very diverse, covering many different themes and styles. His versatility is undoubtedly one reason why his art is so popular.

Chris Bull has exhibited his art around the UK. His paintings range in size from large one-metre canvases to ACEO miniatures measuring just 3.5” x 2.5”.

Chris enjoys the different challenges working in different scales and using different media presents. Chris Bull's favourite medium is watercolour, but he also works in acrylics and has recently begun working in oils. One of his special interests is wildlife painting, in particular wild cats and other endangered species. He has developed a unique method of painting which combines a watercolour base with pastels applied over. His main purpose in developing this method is to enhance the vividness of the colours - in his own words 'to make the colours sing.'

Chris Bull Art

Harris Hawk

"I have been drawing and painting since I was a child...I could probably draw before I could even write!" said Chris recently. "I can remember drawing animals and simple drawings of people from when I was really young. What at first was a hobby, something I always really enjoyed doing, eventually became my living, but I have never lost my joy of painting. Above all, I enjoy painting wildlife. I love animals anyway, especially African wildlife and any endangered species... animals that might not be with us for much longer. I paint most of my wildlife paintings using a watercolour base with pastels over. I find you can achieve really good fur and skin textures with pastel. If you use pastel pencils as well, you can sharpen them to a really fine point and get really good fur and eyes."

Chris Bull's versatility is reflected in his wide ranging work, which includes landscapes, portraits, wildlife art and pet portraits.

Chris's works from his studio is in Bristol, where he moved to in 2010. His official website is Chris Bull Artist and commissions are available to purchase through his Facebook page.

Chris Bull Art

Walking with a Friend

A message from Chris Bull

"Hi, I have been painting all my life and I founded my Apple Cottage Art / Chris Bull Art business back in 2011, when I moved to Bristol from my home city of Leicester. I have had my work exhibited in galleries, and my art displayed in hotels, cafes and other public buildings. As you will see from the pictures on this website, I paint a variety of subjects. These include portraits of people or their homes, pets, wildlife and landscapes, but I can paint any subject a customer requests.

I hope my love of painting and dedication shows in the pieces I produce. I constantly aim to evolve and improve on my style of painting. It is a progressive journey for me. I am always in search of the perfect picture! I take commissions at very reasonable prices and I mount, sign and frame the paintings. Commissions also come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

I hope you enjoy looking at the paintings on this Chris Bull Art website. They are just a sample of my paintings, but hopefully they give a flavour of my work. There are more pictures to see on my official website and my Facebook page, and you can also contact me from my Facebook page."

Chris Bull Art
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