Tips for Choosing Good Toothpaste

Choosing the right toothpaste can turn out to be a challenge because there are so many types to choose from. When you run a simple search on the web, you may get more than 100,000 results for the term “good quality toothpaste”. So, you may wonder which option you can go for.

It becomes pretty much easier to choose the good toothpaste if you have a little foreknowledge about what makes good toothpaste. Furthermore, you will also have to have understanding about what your basic needs are.

Having that said, a few things that you should keep in mind are worth mentioning here.

Fluoride is the basic ingredient

If you want to maintain your dental health, you will have to make sure that your toothpaste has fluoride. The basic thing you need to know about fluoride is that it helps in keeping the tooth enamel strong and healthy. Generally, all of the toothpastes available now have fluoride as the basic ingredient. Nevertheless, there are some toothpaste products whose labels say that there is no fluoride in the composition.

Tartar control toothpaste

If your teeth are more prone to develop tartar, you can go for the toothpaste that could help you prevent the formation of tartar. This kind of toothpaste is slightly different as compared to other standard varieties. Therefore, you should use it if your dentist recommends its usage for you. The major ingredients used in this kind of toothpaste include sodium hexametaphosphate and sodium pyrophosphates. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that tartar control toothpaste is not generally effective in removing tartar. You will need to get this removed with the help of special tools.

Avoid toothpaste that is sweetened

When you choose toothpaste for children, you will have to make sure that you are not going for the one that has exceptional amount of sugar in composition. As we all know, sugar can contribute in tooth decay. So, the very practice which is thought to be helpful in preventing tooth decay can actually turn out to be the reason for tooth decay.

If you are concerned about the lack of interest of your children in brushing teeth due to blandness of toothpaste, you can go for the one that would have artificial sweetener.

Toothpaste for sensitive teeth

If you are irritated by the sore or sensitive gums and teeth, you can pick special toothpaste designed for to provide relief from this condition. This toothpaste is commonly referred to as toothpaste for sensitive teeth.

If you want to find such toothpastes in the market, you will have to look for the ones whose labels would say “toothpaste for sensitive teeth” or the ones with potassium nitrate or strontium chloride listed as signature ingredients.

Get dentist’s advice

Your dentist’s advice is the best piece of information that you can have prior to picking toothpaste for your requirements. Therefore, it is recommended to visit the dentist and discuss the problem in detail.