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Can Chiropractic Help With Neck Pain?

Neck pain can be challenging to deal with and can be caused by a variety of reasons. Whether due to an injury or poor posture, it is crucial a person seeks treatment for their neck pain. Although there are medications that can be given to lessen the pain, it is wise for a person to find the cause so it can be appropriately treated and the pain relieved without risky pain medications. With this information, individuals will understand how a Chiropractor can help them.

How Can the Chiropractic Help?

Neck pain is often caused by the cervical vertebrae coming out of their proper alignment. When this occurs, it is called a subluxation. Subluxations cause the compression of the nerves in the neck which is what causes the pain. It can also cause mixed nerve signals being sent. Thankfully, the doctor can help with subluxations so relief can be found.

It is imperative the neck vertebrae are correctly aligned, or pain can be felt in the head, neck, and shoulders. This nerve issue can impair normal movement of the neck. The doctor works to ensure the vertebrae are properly aligned. Using forceful, yet gentle movements, the doctor realigns the cervical spine area and also checks the alignment of the rest of the spine, making adjustments where needed.

Cervical manipulation loosens up the cervical vertebrae and helps them to be moved into the correct position. The sooner these treatments are started, the less likely permanent nerve damage will occur. These treatments are beneficial for whiplash, trauma, repetitive stress injuries, and poor sitting posture. The treatments should be continued after relief is found, to ensure the cervical vertebrae are adequately protected.

What to Expect

The first step in the process is discussing the symptoms with the doctor. The doctor will then likely use heat and massage to loosen the muscles so they can become relaxed. Relaxing the muscles is vital for ensuring the adjustment will be successful. If the chiropractic treatment is carried out without muscle relaxation, the results will not be as promising as they would be with relaxation intervention first.

The treatment rarely causes any discomfort, and most people find real relief from their pain. With ongoing treatment, pain can be kept at bay and individuals can protect the health of their spine.

If you are dealing with a stiff and painful neck, it is imperative you call the Chiropractor Lawrenceville and schedule an appointment right away so you can find genuine relief.