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Deep Learning and Music

Machine Learning and Health

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Machine Learning and Health

Eligibility Criteria Classification

Chuan, C.-H., "Classifying Eligibility Criteria in Clinical Trials Using Active Deep Learning", ICMLA 2018, December 17-20, Orlando, Florida, 2018.

Chuan, C.-H., and Morgan, S., “Creating and Evaluating Chatbots as Eligibility Assistants for Clinical Trials: An Active Deep Learning Approach toward User-Centered Classification,” ACM Transaction on Computing for Healthcare (accepted May 2020).

NCI Criteria Dataset:

Deep Learning and Music

Music Word2Vec

Chuan, C.-H., Agres, K., and Herremans, D., "From Context to Concept: Exploring Semantic Relationships in Music with Word2Vec," Neural Computing and Applications, Springer 2018.



Generated examples and the trained model (please refer to Figure 9 in the paper):

Music Tonnetz Representation

Chuan, C.-H., and Herremans, D., "Modeling Temporal Tonal Relations in Polyphonic Music through Deep Networks with A Novel Image-Based Representation, " AAAI 2018, February 2-7, New Orleans, 2018.




  • Boulanger-Lewandowski, N., Bengio, Y., & Vincent, P. (2012). Modeling temporal dependencies in high-dimensional sequences: Application to polyphonic music generation and transcription. In proceedings of the 29th International Conference on Machine Learning, arXiv preprint arXiv:1206.6392.

Generated examples and the trained model: