who will win the chip war?

How did a semiconductor chip become a matter of National Security?

When asked if America would get involved militarily to defend Taiwan in case of an invasion by China, President Joe Biden replied, “That’s the commitment we made.” His aides quickly told the press that was not the case and former General Jack Keane said the US is "outmanned and outgunned" in the Taiwan Straits. So why does Taiwan continue to posture against China when it is clear that the US will only sell arms to it just like it has Ukraine, but otherwise offer no other real help?

It is due in large part to Taiwan's $147bn semiconductor industry that provides 65% of the world's chips. Moreover, only one (1) company, yes only one in the world makes the most advanced supercomputer chips and that is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). So never mind consumer technologies that require chips such as phones, washers & coffee machines. Forget even all the cars and trucks and ships and planes that cannot function without these chips. America’s very armed forces depend on Taiwan’s semiconductors for their radars, missile systems, satellites, etc to work. All this is what makes Taiwan feel so invincible against China but that is quickly about to change.