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Chime login for safe internet banking

It would not be wrong to consider Chime as a bank but in reality it is not a banking institution. Rather it is a financial technology company through which banks like Bancorp bank and Stride Bank offer their banking services to the users. This financial service is becoming quite popular in the US because of its efficient services such as no maintenance cost, no processing fee, and no hidden charges. So, if you are also interested in accessing these services, then you must have your own Chime login credentials so that managing the finances would not be a hurdle for you.

With your Chime account, you can instantly send and receive money, add money to your account, and access different banking services right from your mobile phone. Users with an existing Chime account need not create a new one. While the users who do not have an account need to create a new one in order to enjoy the exceptional benefits of their services. So, we are going to give you an idea of the Chime features and Chime sign up process.

What bank is Chime and how does Chime work?

Chime is not a bank but a financial technology company that operates the banking services offered by two banks i.e. Bancorp and Stride Bank. On Chime, you can open a free Checking and Savings account to enjoy free-of-cost finance management services. You can use Chime to send, receive, or add funds to your account. All of these financial services are maintained by Chime with the help of its banking partners about which we have mentioned previously.

Top Chime features

  • With the SpotMe feature of Chime, you can make fee-free purchases from your debit card

  • Chime also rounds up your transaction up to $1 and then deposits the rest of the amount to your savings account

  • This financial service provider is also offering a high interest with an APY of 0.50%

  • The Savings and Checking account feature has been merged together for the ease of financial management

  • When you sign up on their platform, you get to enjoy a lot of free ATM transactions

The process of Chime sign up

Signing up for a Chime account shouldn't be a complicated task. So, you can follow the steps given below to sign up for an account:

  1. Go to the Chime login page from any browser

  2. Or jump to the page

  3. On the main page, enter your email address and tap on "Get Started"

  4. Enter your legal first and last name and then tap "Next"

  5. Carefully enter your date of birth and tap "Next"

  6. Enter your phone number for setting up two-factor authentication

  7. Now, you need to type your home address and click "Next"

  8. Then, you have to choose a password for the Chime login

  9. Followed by this, enter your Social Security Number

  10. On the following screen, choose an option from the drop-down

  11. Check the boxes for agreeing with their policies

  12. This shall open the home page from where you can download their app as well

Since you have successfully created an account, you can now move to the login process.

How to log in to Chime?

If you want to access your Chime account, you may follow the steps listed below:

  1. Form a browser, go to

  2. On the login screen, type your email address

  3. And then, type your account password

  4. After entering the details, click the "Log In" button

Those users who have confusion with the Amazon Chime login and Chime bank login should note that these are two different service providers and have nothing to do with each other. The same process is also appropriate for Chime login without phone number.

Forgot Chime bank account password? Reset it

If you ever forget your Chime banking password, then the process to reset it goes like this:

  1. Jump to the link-

  2. On the screen that opens, enter your registered email address

  3. And then, you need to enter the last 4 digits of your SSN

  4. Click the "Submit" option to verify your identity

  5. You will get an SMS for verification

  6. Do as prompted on the screen and set a new password

How to reset Chime PIN for Debit Card?

If you have forgotten your Chime Debit card PIN, then you can call on this number, 1-844-244-6363, and then follow the prompts that are you are asked during the phone call. Make sure to provide the apt card details, otherwise, you will not be able to reset the Chime PIN for your card. During the process, you may also be asked to share your Chime login username. Now, let us discuss some of the common problems that are faced by Chime users.

Some common Chime problems and solutions

Chime Login Problems:

  • Can't log into my Chime Login account

  • Could not find Chime customer service and routing number

  • Unable to recall the Chime email id, password address

  • Could not log in after resetting the password

  • Getting error messages while accessing your account

Chime Login Solutions:

  • Turn off the VPN service on your PC

  • If you are using the Chime Login app for login, then try updating it

  • Clear your browsing history, cache, and cookies

  • Reset your password one more time

  • Check if the website servers are down


Joining Chime to avail of its diverse services should not be considered a complexity because all it requires is filling up a short form with your personal details. After you have signed up on their platform, you can enable services such as Spot Me, etc. We hope this handy guide on Chime login has helped you achieve your financial goals in a better way.